Adult Circuits for Allied AHP300 Ventilator – L599-600 (Case of 10)


These are Adult Single Limb Patient Ventilator Circuit (L599-600) (10/case) that are designed to fit the Allied AHP300.

  • 4-foot circuit length, with 22 mm I.D. ventilator connection and 15 mm corrugated tubing.
  • Exhalation Supply Line (0.137″ I.D.) and Pressure Sensing Line (0.200″ I.D.) with Tip Adapter 9.2 ml dead space.

The AHP300 is intended to be used on one patient at a time. The unit can be reused after it has been cleaned and the single-use patient circuit has been replaced. Biocompatibility testing has proven this unit safe for periods up to 24 days of continuous use.


Compatible Units

  • Allied AHP 300 Transport Ventilator

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 8 in