Allied Size #5 Adult Mask – L595161-10


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The Allied Size #5 Adult Mask, 22mm ID inlet ensures compatibility with ANY ventilator
Sealed gas pillow provides a leak proof seal and patient comfort
The mask provides a gas-tight seal that’s required for ventilation

This Product is sold in a case of 10 masks.

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The Allied Size 5 Adult Mask is a circuit mask that carries a 22mm ID inlet that allows for compatibility with any ventilator. This Allied Size #5 Adult Mask is designed for adults. This product comes in a bag of 10. The mask comes with a sealed gas pillow provides a leak proof seal and patient comfort while wearing.

The Allied Size 5 Adult Mask is intended to be used on one patient at a time. The mask cannot be reused and the single-use patient circuit can be re-used if dictated on the product.  Allied carries circuits for all patient sizes. If you are looking for the pediatric circuit, click here.

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