Ambu – Disposable TubeChek Device – 000172002


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The Ambu Disposable TubeChek is a device that rapidly and reliably confirms if endotracheal tube placement is correct.

This product is sold as a Case of 20.

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The Ambu Disposable TubeChek uses the anatomical differences between the oesophagus and trachea to confirm correct ET tube placement. If there is negative pressure, the oesophagus has been intubated; if air can be aspirated, correct tracheal intubation has been achieved.

The Ambu TubeChek Device Features:

  • Instant feedback – no need for initial ventilation through the tube to obtain CO2 detection.
  • No expiry date, making it easy to handle and store
  • The bulb illuminates in the dark making it the ideal choice for EMS services