King Vision Video Laryngoscope – Ambu – Recertified


The Recertified King Vision Video Larnygoscope combines the convenience of a durable, reusable video display with a disposable blade at a price that’s affordable for all of your intubations, difficult and routine.

We have all of the aBlades available for sale on our website which includes the Size 1, Size 2, Size 2C, Size3, and Size 3C.

This product has been discontinued by the manufacturer and is no longer carried by Master Medical Equipment. Please call one of our customer service representatives for more information or check out our Dilon CoPilot Laryngoscope listing here.

What's Included:

  • KVLAB (Video screen with Adult sized camera adapter -LVA34)
  • 3x KVLAB3 (King Vision Size 3 aBlade)
  • 1x KVLAB3C (Channeled King Vision Size 3 aBlade)
  • Batteries
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Recertified King Vision Video Laryngoscope Kit price on-sale and in-stock! King Systems, an industry leader in airway management, now offers the King Vision Video Laryngoscope for difficult and routine intubations. It is a lightweight, cost-effective video laryngoscope with a clinician-friendly design.  This laryngoscope kit comes with disposable channeled and non-channeled blades and a reusable LED video display.

King Vision was created with a clinician-friendly ergonomic design for maximum control and minimal lifting of soft tissue and impact on teeth. The lightweight and battery-operated device can use a channeled or standard disposable blade for guided or standard intubations. Also, the King Vision price makes it affordable for any medical professional to have confidence when encountering a patient with a difficult airway!

The Ambu King Vision Kit (KVLABKIT3) includes

  • 1 reusable digital display with video-out port and battery status LED indicator
  • Three Size 3 channeled 18mm aBlades
  • One Size 3 non-channeled (standard) 13mm aBlade
  • Batteries

Video Laryngoscope Kit Benefits

  • Affordable- The King Vision aBlade is an excellent solution to solve the issue of limited availability of advanced visualization solutions in the OR.
  • Durable- King Vision aBlade has been designed to be your primary tool for all intubations.
  • Video Output Capable- Compatible with external monitor and recording devices.
  • Robust- The full-color, non-glare display can resist repeated cleaning.
  • Portable- King Vision is light weight, self-contained, battery operated and water resistant with a continuous use time of about 80 minutes.
  • Safe- aBlades are individually packaged. Each blade is disposable, eliminating concerns of cross contamination.

King Vision aBlade is Suitable For

  • Routine intubation
  • Difficult intubation
  • Tube check Airway visualization
  • Training of intubation skills

King Vision is now for kids, too!  Pediatric starter kits are now available!

MME Support & Options

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GSA/ FSS Vendor, ask for Carrie!

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Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 12 in
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