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The MME Buyer’s Guide for AEDs

According to the American Heart Association, 350,000 people die every year from Sudden Cardiac Arrest. At this time, the only treatment for an SCA is an electrical shock from an Automated Electronic Defibrillator, better known as an AED. While AEDs appear to be technical & complicated devices for medical professionals, AEDs are designed to be user-friendly for the average bystander to operate in a high-pressure emergency.

AEDs are now available with a variety of features. Certain features are standard for all types of units; however, some are unique to a particular model or brand. Since these options are essential to consider, we’ve developed a consumer guide to minimize customer confusion and highlight some features & benefits of the top-of-the-line AED brands. This guide covers everything a new AED owner should know to feel prepared for a sudden cardiac event.

Additionally, we have included the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) warranty information, training guidelines, accessory options, AED storage devices, and more. This information helps you to consider a variety of factors when it comes to your specific AED needs. For example, durability, ease of use, pediatric pads, or the long-term cost of ownership.

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