Embra 12-Lead ECG Cables – Embra Medical – New

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These Embra 12-Lead ECG Cables are for use with the following units:

  • The Wired Model of the E-15 PC Based ECG System
  • The Embra Medical E-12 ECG Machine
  • The Embra medical E-30 12-Lead ECG Machine

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The Embra 12-Lead ECG Cables are just one of the accessories that Master Medical Equipment offers for use with Embra Medical’s Units. Browse our online offerings of Embra Medical Products here.

Embra Medical offers new monitoring and diagnostic equipment at an affordable price to a global market. Embra’s mission is to improve access to premium quality medical equipment worldwide. Our product line includes vital signs monitors, patient monitors, ECG/EKGs, pulse oximeters, dopplers, and accessories.

We refuse to compromise on quality. All EmbraMedical units and accessories come with a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty, and with our on-site Customer Service Department and factory-trained biomedical technicians, we guarantee a quick turnaround time on any service, maintenance, or warranty issues. Each product has FDA 510 (k) clearance, licenses issued by Health Canada, and the CE Mark for approval.

Our goal is to offer the most reliable, high-quality new diagnostic equipment in the United States and internationally. We are committed to selling the most accurate equipment, which we know translates directly into quality patient care.

If you are looking for a product from Embra Medical’s catalog, but you don’t see it on our website, please call us for availability and our best pricing today!


  • Embra Medical E-12 ECG Machine

    Embra E-12 ECG Machine – Embra Medical – New

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  • Embra Medical - E-15 PC-based ECG

    Embra E-15 PC-based ECG – Embra Medical – New

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  • Embra Medical - E-30 12-Lead ECG

    Embra E-30 12-Lead ECG – Embra Medical – New

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  • Embra 12 lead cable

    Embra 12-Lead ECG Cables – Embra Medical – Recertified

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