Philips – Complete Tempus Pro/LS Defibrillator

The Tempus Pro ALS Defibrillator places the needs of the prehospital care professional at the heart of its design. Ground-breaking in functionality, it is light enough to carry and small enough to hold in one hand.

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Rugged, yet highly intuitive to operate, the Tempus Pro ALS Defibrillator can easily be deployed in a wide range of clinical scenarios, with advanced capabilities to allow clear, documented decision-making.

Tempus Pro – Printer, SpO2, NIBP, ECG, ETCO2 & Temp (single-channel)
Include in this purchase:

  • USA Mains Cable (01-2055)
  • Pro Rechargeable Battery (01-2051)
  • Adult Plus Reusable NIBP Cuff (01-2271)
  • Blood Pressure Hose (8ft, 01-2074)
  • Rail System & Saddlebag (01-2241 & 05-2036)
  • Tempus Pro Shoulder Strap & Kit (05-2038)
  • Masimo Rainbow Cable RC25-4RA 25-Pin (01-2088)
  • MasimoSET M-LNCS DBI Adt Reusable Sensor (01-2089)
  • Temp adaptor cable (01-2079)
  • Operator Manual (43-2001)
  • Maintenance Manual (43-2003)
  • 1 roll of paper (01-2186)
  • Tempus LS-Manual Defibrillator
    • 5.7″” color screen
    • fixed & demand pacing
    • manual defibrillation and cardioversion
    • CPR metronome.
      • Includes:
      • 3-Lead ECG Cable (01-2068)
      • LS rechargeable Battery (01-3011)

Unique, scalable platform
The functionality of the Tempus Pro system can be extended and upgraded when you need it to be. Add video laryngoscopy, ultrasound, defibrillation and telemedicine to further advance capabilities. And access feature, software and system updates, and configuration tools to evolve your system in line with your requirements, budgets and protocols.

Capture, connect and decide
The Tempus Pro allows you to capture as much or as little data as you need. The on-screen smart patient care record can be augmented via the touchscreen, while you can choose how much data to collect and exactly what, when, where and how to share it. All data is encrypted and shared via authenticated, highly secure channels.

Practical design and operation
The Tempus Pro features a 6.5″ daylight-readable color display with high contrast mode, a glove-friendly touchscreen interface and multiple user-selectable display options. It is also night-vision compatible and features an integrated tactical switch for hostile environments.

Small, light, robust
The Tempus Pro is designed and built to meet the needs of prehospital care professionals. Weighing only 2.9 kg (6.4 lb) with a slender profile, the monitor allows you to flexibly carry all you need with you to the scene. The Tempus Pro is also highly durable – with an IP66 rating underlining its suitability for deployment in the most challenging environments.

Features and Specifications

Tempus Pro – key features:

  • 3, 5, & 12-Lead ECG
  • 12-Lead interpretation; arrhythmia monitoring & alarms; ST elevation & QT duration measurement with alarms
  • Impedance respiration
  • Masimo® SET® SpO₂ & pulse
  • Masimo® SET® Rainbow® parameters – PVI®, PI, SpMet®, SpCO™, SpHb®, SpOC® (all optional)
  • Suntech NIBP
  • Microstream® capnography
  • Temperature (up to 2 channels) – 1 is standard
  • Optional Invasive pressure (up to 4 channels)
  • Military grade robustness – fixed & rotary wing airworthiness certified
  • Water & sand resistant to IP66
  • Large, color touchscreen display (6.5″/16.51cm) – glove operable
  • Lithium-ion battery with a 10.75 – 14 hour battery life
  • Multiple ways of reviewing patient data, including 4 waveform color display
  • Ability to easily & quickly switch between patients
  • Integrated 3.2MP camera for recording images of the patient
  • Optional two-way communications including voice and real-time patient data transfer including images.
  • 110 mm printer
  • USB plug-in ultrasound and video laryngoscopy (C-MAC) as optional features
  • Customizable Summary Record of Care that can be integrated in to an ePCR client, shared via email or exported to a USB
  • Secure, real-time data transmission even when communications are poor.