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The New Dilon CoPilot Video Laryngoscope Plus Starter Kit includes the Video Display, Video Handle, Power Supply, and Rigid Stylet.

The screen on the Dilon CoPilot VL Plus is a 4.3″ detached display that makes difficult intubation a little easier with added mobility.

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The New Dilon CoPilot Video Laryngoscope Plus provides an excellent tool for intubating patients, especially those with suspected Covid-19 Coronavirus. The system’s handle and video monitor are separated by a five-foot cord allowing the monitor to be positioned at eye level, providing a clear visualization of the vocal cords while allowing the caregiver safer distancing from the patient.

The CoPilot’s high-resolution monitor provides a 3X view of the airway providing clear visual confirmation of key markers and proper tube placement.

The CoPilot VL+ has a low cost per intubation that makes it a cost-effective first-line tool for use on every patient, protecting clinicians and caregivers from potential exposure.

The rechargeable battery is good for 2.5 hours until it needs to be recharged.The most affordable disposable blades of all video laryngoscope brands.

The blades can be ordered on our site, we have the size 3 available here. The size 4 is available here.MME also offers the rigid stylets on our site, available here.

The CoPilot VL+® is a video laryngoscope that combines the best intubating technology with the best price. Our innovative Bougie Port was designed to solve the number one problem clinicians experience with Video Laryngoscopes; that is, being able to see the vocal cords but not able to direct the ETT through the vocal cords. The Bougie Port will deliver a standard bougie directly to where the camera is looking. You can then thread your ETT over the bougie in the standard fashion.

This laryngoscope that you can actually afford. Its simple design lowers cost without lowering quality, and utilizes convenient features like a single-use disposable sheath so there are no dirty blades to high level disinfect in between uses. Our unique Bougie Port and hands free eject mechanism are designed to make the CoPilot VL+® the easiest to use VL on the market.

CoPilot VL+® uses video technology to provide a superior view of the glottic opening versus direct laryngoscopy, which requires you to hoist and displace airway tissues so that you can hopefully obtain line of sight with the glottic opening. This is not necessary with VL. VL works with the anatomy by allowing you to look around the corner to find your intended target. The neck may be kept neutral and the scope is placed midline. VL requires a different skill set from DL, but with just a little practice, you will become proficient and will intubate faster and safer than ever before.

The CoPilot VL+® display case houses a high tech Lithium Polymer battery that will provide over 2.5 hours of continuous use on a single charge. Lithium Polymer batteries are known for their long life span and their ability to hold a charge for an extended period of time in between uses. If the CoPilot VL+® becomes discharged, it can be used while it is being recharged with the included power supply.



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    Dilon – CoPilot Video Laryngoscope Plus Size 3 Disposable Blade – Box of 10 – 3730

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    This picture shows the Size 4 blades for the Dilon CoPilot Laryngoscop Plus.

    Dilon – CoPilot Video Laryngoscope Plus Size 4 Disposable Blade – Box of 10 – 3740

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    Dilon – CoPilot Video Laryngoscope Plus Universal Rigid Stylet – 1300

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