EasyOne Pro LAB Pulmonary Function System Accessories

The following OEM and aftermarket products are compatible with the EasyOne Pro LAB from ndd. The ndd EasyOne Pro LAB is the first lung function instrument to allow Single Breath DLCO measurement outside of the lung function laboratory. The EasyOne Pro LAB offers all the benefits of the EasyOne Pro plus multiple-breath nitrogen washout to obtain complete lung volumes, FRC (Functional Residual Capacity) and LCI (Lung Clearance Index) measurements. MME will continue to support the lifespan of your unit with quality accessories as well as premium preventive maintenance services through ReNew Biomedical. For more about servicing your devices, contact ReNew Biomedical here . Please note that different configurations of units may make them incompatible with certain accessories. If you should have any questions, please contact your MME customer representative or get in contact with one here: 855-774-4670


  • ndd barriette

    ndd – Barriette, Box of 50

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  • ndd noseclips

    ndd – Noseclips, Box of 25

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  • ndd EasyOne Spirettes 2050-1

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  • NDD Medical Technologies 35mm Standard PFT Filter – 2091-222

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