GE Healthcare MAC VU360 Resting ECG Machine


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The GE Healthcare MAC VU360 is the newest resting ECG machine available from GE. GE spent hours with clinicians and IT healthcare professionals to determine the biggest flaws in today’s ECG machines and the results are one of the most technologically advanced ECGs available.

The GE Healthcare MAC VU360 was designed with 3 major things in mind; high-quality ECGs that are performed as fast as possible without sacrificing accuracy, making sure the unit was smart and had smart tools to be able to help clinicians, and finally a smart design.


GE Healthcare MAC VU360 Resting ECG Machine

MAC VU360 Quality and Speed

The MAC VU360 comes standard with a Smart Acquisition module that helps deliver high-quality ECG with blazing speeds. A significant challenge that hospitals face is duplicate ECGs.

  • Smart Lead Technology automatically detects new patient to ensure that minimal patient data mix-ups are possible. A common issue in large hospitals.
  • Enhanced hook-up advisor enables new users to gather high-quality ECGs measurements without the experience.
  • Smart Auto-ECG is the newest assistive technology for ECG machines and their operators. It captures and displays the first artifact-free, high-quality waveform available.

MAC VU360 Smart Tools

The MAC VU360 has the full suite of GE Healthcare’s ECG analysis tools available. GE has been an ECG industry expert for 40 years.

  • The 12SL algorithm by GE Healthcare is unmatched. It has been proven time and time again that it stands up and performs as well as or better than all other ECG algorithms available.
  • Zero Phase Distortion along with Pacemaker detection ensure that the most accurate ECG possible regardless of artificial pacing or not.
  • The added Cornell criteria to help improve the left ventricular hypertrophy recognition.

MAC VU360 Smart Design

The MAC VU360 is designed to combat the biggest flaws of current ECG machines such as cleaning, height, and mobility.

  • MAC VU360 is covered in flat surfaces, for what purpose? Flat surfaces are the easiest to clean, an important feature for equipment that travels all over the hospital.
  • Adjustable height – one of the biggest selling points of this machine, the cart is fully height-adjustable for all employee’s convenience
  • Rolls easy – this cart is maneuverable in tight spaces and the wheels have enhanced fluid progression

Additional information

Weight 25 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 18 × 10 in