MAC 1200 EKG/ECG – GE Healthcare – Recertified

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The Refurbished GE MAC 1200 digital, 12-lead ECG system with Interpretation offers comprehensive ECG Solutions with practical features that meet the needs of hospitals, clinics, and clinical trials.

We also stock Mac 1200 Accessories and supplies, such as leads, ECG paper, MAC 1200 battery, and ECG electrodes.

Refurbished GE Mac 1200 EKG

What's Included:

  • GE Mac 1200 EKG/ECG system - Refurbished
  • Patient Cable
  • ECG Leadwires (AHA)
  • Electrode Clips (Universal for Tab or Snap Electrodes)
  • Package of 100 Tab Electrodes (10 patient uses)
  • New Battery (Installed)
  • GE Mac Original GE ECG Paper
  • Mac 1200 Operators Manual
  • 110v AC Power Cord
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Special Offer, Fully Reconditioned GE Mac 1200 ECG/EKG Machine with Interpretation includes:

  • Full Page Print out
  • Fax modem with memory
  • New ECG Leads
  • New Battery
  • Manual and 1 year warranty
  • Limited Quantity

The MAC 1200 ECG/EKG Machine from GE Medical is in its basic version, a resting ECG system whose true one-button operation makes it especially suitable for routine use in primary care, urgent care, emergency medicine or in the medical center environment.

Based on the Marquette 12SL ECG software, the MAC 1200 ECG with Interpretation is the Gold Standard for 12-lead ECG Acquisition. The standard, built-in battery provides for mobile use of the MAC 1200 ECG– anytime and anywhere.

GE MAC 1200 ECG/EKG Machine Features

The MAC 1200 ECG has a brilliant graphic display where the 12 leads can be displayed and previewed quickly in 3-lead sequences. Full Page print out allows the MAC 1200 ECG data to be reviewed easily and quickly, and can be attached to the patient chart.

All MAC 1200 ECG machines from GE Medical offer individually adjustable output formats for evaluation of the ECG and for archiving: One A4 page for the complete 12-channel resting ECG with all relevant curves, patient data, date, time and instrument settings Configurable parameters of the stress test reports.

MAC 1200 ECG/EKG Capabilities

With its four operation modes and available options, the MAC 1200 ECG fulfills standard requirements: Automatic – Registration of a 10-second resting ECG with 12 leads simultaneously Manual – Real-time registration of 6 channels Arrhythmia – Continuous 12-lead ECG monitoring for arrhythmia with event documentation and final report, with print out.

These GE Mac 1200 ECG systems with 12-lead Interpretation, Full page print-out, Fax Modem with Memory include New ECG leads with startup Skintact ECG Tab electrodes, new battery, EKG paper, Biomed Tested and 1 year warranty!

The GE Mac 1200 EKG system with Modem and Memory is on the FAA list for acceptable ECGs for use in Pilot Physicals to report to FAA (all classes)! Patient ready and can ship immediately!

Call today 866-468-9558 for more information on these Mac 1200 ECGs from GE, limited quantity, order from Master Medical Equipment today!

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We also stock Mac 1200 Accessories and supplies, such as leads, ECG paper, MAC 1200 battery, and ECG electrodes.



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