IntuBrite VLS 6630 EDGE Plus Video Laryngoscope

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The IntuBrite Video Laryngoscope is one of the most cost-efficient laryngoscopes on the market. It features reusable metal blades that offer the greatest return on investment of any laryngoscope on the market.

This product kit includes an IntuBrite VLS 6630 EDGE Plus along with several accessories, including a VLS1029 MAC 3 Reusable Blade(meant for adult patients) and VLS1060 Rigid Stylet. This IntuBrite VLS 6630 also includes a soft-sided carry case, a 4GB micro SD card, and two rechargeable batteries. It also includes all of the necessary cables to charge the batteries and extract the data from the device.

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Durable Construction

The IntuBrite Video laryngoscope is one of the best laryngoscopes on the market. It includes durable construction, through the use of stainless steel and aluminum blades and handles.

Flexibility and Versatility

It is also one of the most flexible units on the market. It offers flexibility to customers to two different ways. The first being the versatility, there are multiple blades of various sizes for different patients that need intubation and the same handle can fit them all without the need to adjust. The camera is also extremely versatile with the option to take high-quality pictures or videos with the press of a button. These videos and images are available through the use of the micro SD card that comes with the unit.

The IntuBrite Difference

IntuBrite has worked hard on making a product that stands out in the airway management world. This unit has a screen that is 40% bigger than the standard competitor and comes equipped with the patented IntuBrite White/UV LED illumination as a standard!


MME loves this device and hopes you do too. We are capable of servicing customers that also have a need for different size blades. Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or concerns about your order or what is available to you.


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Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 12 in