GE Datex Ohmeda TruSat Pulse Oximeter


GE’s handheld TruSat Pulse Oximeter

LEGACY UNIT: GE has discontinued this unit but the replacement can be found here, GE Datex Ohmeda TuffSat Handheld Pulse Oximeter.

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The first of its kind, GE Medical Ohmeda TruSat offers clinicians a real-world oximetry solution. The reliable performance and optimal usability of a bedside oximeter with the rugged, lightweight features of a handheld oximeter. Just right whether you’re in the PACU, NICU, ER, home, MD office, or sleep lab. The GE Medical TruSat features Ohmeda TruSignal™ Enhanced SpO2, which draws upon our proven history of providing reliable readings in real-world clinical situations including clinical motion and low perfusion. The combination of a weak signal (low perfusion) with a noisy signal (clinical motion) is the most difficult challenge of any oximeter.

Ohmeda TruSignal offers improved performance, especially during challenging conditions of patient clinical motion and low perfusion making the TruSat and TuffSat pulse oximeters leaders in their class. With ultra-low-noise technology, GE Ohmeda TruSignal selects the appropriate clinically-developed algorithm to compensate for weak or motion-induced signals and the result? Reliable saturation readings! Ohmeda TruSignal Enhanced SpO2 filters out clinical motion interference, locks onto weak, low perfusion signals and calculates one precise value.

The GE Medical TruSat features a highly visible, backlit screen and weighs only 1.25kg and with a 35-hour battery life and fast, full-charge in only 3.5 hours, its ideal for routine use in the MD office.

The GE Medical Datex TruSat pulse oximeter package comes complete with:  Carrying case, 1 reusable OxyTip Finger sensor, Internal battery with AC power supply, and Instruction manuals

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 12 in