Physio-Control Lifepak CR2 AED


This is the Physio-Control Lifepak CR2 AED, the newest AED on the market. The CR2 is one of the most technologically advanced AEDs on the market with features such as WiFi and Dual-Language built into the unit.

The CR2 contains a new algorithm, called cprINSIGHT, which allows the user of the device to analyze the patient’s heart rhythm while continuing to provide CPR. This feature is unheard of in the AED industry and there has been research done to show that it can improve life expectancy by almost 10%.

The Physio-Control CR2 also has built-in WiFi to ensure the unit is connected to the Lifenet Link Central AED program which can alert admins of the status of all of their units, no matter their location, and give real-time feedback on the unit. The CR2’s connectivity allows the administrator to see when it was used, what version of the AHA guidelines are installed, and even push out important software updates through Lifelink Central.

Included with the purchase of this unit:

• QUICK-STEP Electrodes – that fit both adults and pediatric patients
• LIFEPAK CR2 AED Lithium Battery
• Owners Manual
• USB Cable
• 8 Year Warranty from Physio-Control


Physio-Control CR2 Features


  • cpr INSIGHT is the newest algorithm on the market with the ability to analyze the patient’s heart while CPR is still being performed. This saves crucial seconds during an SCA that could save someone’s life.

ClearVoice Technology and CPR Coaching

  • The CR2 delivers a metronome that matches up with the current AHA guidelines so the responder does not have to thin about the pace to keep during CPR.
  • The ClearVoice technology enables the user to hear the CR2 AED without distractions even if they are in a crowded area such a subway station or football stadium.

Powerful, Compact, Tough

  • The CR2 has an IP rating of 55, one of the highest on the market, to keep it working even in the toughest conditions.
  • The Physio-Control CR2 delivers up to 360Joules of escalating energy so that the patient can receive the right dosage at the right time.
  • The CR2 has the ability to switch between two languages at the push of a button.
  • Physio-Control has also enabled the CR to accurately assess and treat both adult and pediatric patients. The two modes can be toggled with the press of a button before the unit is attached to a patient.
Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 18 × 18 in
AED Configuration

Semi-Automatic, Fully-Automatic (+$100.00)

AED Language

English Only, Dual Language – English and Spanish (+$75.00)

AED Carry Option

Handle, Carry Case (+$75.00)