ndd EasyOne Spirettes


Spirettes, Case of 50.


The EasyOne™ Spirometer incorporates an ultrasonic flow sensor to measure the flow of air in and out of the patients lungs. Ultrasonic flow measurement eliminates problems associated with traditional methods of flow measurement There are no moving parts, no codes to enter, no screens to catch sputum, and no disposables to calibrate. Ultrasonic flow measurement is independent of gas composition pressure, temperature, and humidity; and eliminates errors due to these variables. The Ndd EasyOne Spirette is disposable and acts only as a hygienic shield and is transparent to the ultrasonic pulses traveling between the measurement transducers. Since the disposable spirette has no sensor elements, it does not perform a measurement function and does not require calibration.

Case of 50 Spirettes
Case of 50 Spirettes



ndd Medical Technologies

ndd Medical offers innovative, easy-to-use pulmonary function testing instruments that help clinicians diagnose and treat lung disease with greater precision. With the handheld Easy One line of spirometers, ndd Medical is the market leader in frontline lung testing in Primary Care Clinics worldwide. MME is a proud stocking distributor of the full line of ndd Spirometers, DLCO machines, and supplies.

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 8 in