Schiller Holter MT- 101/ MT- 200 Monitoring Package

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Holter Monitoring MT-101 / MT-200 by Schiller and offered new by Master Medical Equipment!

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The Schiller Holter MT- 101/ MT- 200 Monitoring Package includes:

  • MT-200 Analysis software and two recorders
  • Holter starter kit (USB Security Dongle Version) – Recorder and Software
  • Schiller MT-200 Software CD, USB Cable, USB Security Dongle, ST Trending, Template Matching, and two 3-Channel MT- 101 Holter Recorder

The following Holter recorders can be used with MT-200:   2/3 channel MT-101 2/3 channel MT-101 nano 2/3 channel MT-100 (older version)


  • Can be installed on most PCs or CS-200 System , AT-110 and AT-104 PC
  • Real time ECG signal quality check directly on the PC Electrode placement and signal quality to be approved on PC monitor
  • Automatically sorts 20 events Storage in PDF format (Adobe Acrobat Reader)
  • Automatic sending of e-mails Template Matching HR/ST Trends Multi-User Analysis Pacemaker Templates Advanced Heart Rate Variability Analysis (HRV) Provides accurate, professional and customised reports Standard Time Domain Parameters Triangle Index Lorenz Plot Analysis and compression of day-/nighttime Power Spectral Density calculation for 5-min. segments with complete recordings 3D data presentation for high-quality display of the central nervous system
  • Backlit graphical LCD and multilingual menu control
  • Memory: Storage on SD card Galvanically isolated and defibrillation protected ECG USB interface
  • Recording capacity: Up to max. 72 hours
  • Data transmission: alternatively the SD Card can be simply taken out of the MT-101 (the SCHILLER Holter device) and the data can be transmitted with an external card reader or internal card reader of your PC/Laptop Other options available!

The MICROVIT MT-101 is designed for 2- or 3-channel ECG recordings, depending on the ECG cable you use (4 or 6 leads). The MT-101/200 system operates in standalone mode as well as integrated into the CARDIOVIT CS-200 ,AT-110 and AT-104 PC .



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Weight 12 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 12 in