Vyaire – Valved Tee Adapter, Case of 30 – 002061


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The Valved Tee Adaptor is used to put a nebulizer inline on the circuit. It would go right before the wye. This prevents the care giver from breaking the circuit to give neb treatments.

Sold in a Case of 30


The Vyaire AirLife Valved Tee Adapter is a latex-free adapter that fits into most aerosol tubes to provide you or your patient(s) with respiratory relief in the use of an aerosol tubing.

(002060) has a universal fit that can be attached to tubing with an outside diameter of 22 mm. This size is most common with tubing for respiratory ventilation systems, as it has the ability to provide medication vapor at a high rate.

Vyaire – Valved Tee Adapter has no vents and therefore does not allow for backflow; the medication is free to be supplied without exiting out into the atmosphere, which can create a loss of medication. The spring-loaded valve closes when pressure is lost (when you are not inhaling) and opens back up again when you breathe in to reduce the loss of the medicine vapor.

The tee design can adhere to a medication bowl from the bottom and a mouthpiece on one of the top ends. Setup can be permanent to fulfill your needs without having to take the components apart all the time. Wash the tee adapter the same way as the rest of your other respiratory devices to keep the equipment in great condition and reduce foul odors and bacteria growth from the humidity of the vapor medication.

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