Special Offer – Public-Access Emergency AED Bundle

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The Public-Access Emergency AED Bundle comes with your choice of a Zoll AED, a Public Access Rescue System, and a combination Alarmed Wall Cabinet.

Included with the Public-Access Emergency AED Bundle is the Mobilize Public Access Rescue System. The Public Access rescue system is designed to help organizations prepare for medical emergencies with multiple victims. This trauma kit provides modern medical supplies that pair with a real-time instructional app that enables bystanders to actively assess, manage, and monitor a spectrum of medical emergencies. The included AED will allow you to be prepared in case of sudden cardiac arrest, and will offer CPR feedback.

This rescue system is unique in that it includes four individual Mobilize Utility kits that can be used by multiple rescuers for multiple victims at the same time. And the Mobilize Rescue app can easily be distributed to everyone in your organization so anyone can help in an emergency. The app provides step-by-step interactive instructions that guide rescuers on how to use the medical supplies to help victims in the critical moments before EMS arrives.

You can also choose to include the Zoll AED Plus with your bundle. The New ZOLL AED Plus Defibrillator guides you through all of the steps of CPR in order with pictures, text, and voice prompts! It even provides feedback on your performance during chest compressions by telling you to press harder, if needed!

The fully alarmed AED cabinet allows for safe, secure storage, with high visibility in the event of an emergency.

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