Defibtech Lifeline ARM Demo and Overview

First Response in the work place emergency AED CPR

Katherine from Defibtech brings us an in-depth look at the Lifeline ARM, Defibtech’s Automated Chest Compression device. Read below, or watch the video for the demo and overview!

Ease of Use:

The Defibtech Lifeline ARM‘s efficiency and ease of use is designed to save time during rescues and provide top-of-the line life-saving chest compressions. Defibtech Lifeline Arm - RCF-A1000EN

The ARM has a streamlined user interface that makes mechanical chest compressions a breeze. Starting chest compressions is simple, with two easy steps: First, adjust the compression height to the patient’s chest using the “Up/Down” Buttons. Next, start compressions by selecting breath or non-breath protocol. You can adjust your protocols in the middle of a rescue.

The ARM is the result of years of EMS-based transport studies. Defibtech has carefully crafted the ergonomics of the lightweight ARM and backboard to make transport simple even with a patient on a stretcher.

Rugged and Durable:

This device uses a single frame to reinforce the base, allowing for the best compressions possible. The ARM’s arched design allows you to assemble the device through the arms of whoever is performing manual CPR, meaning there is no interruption in compressions. The self-locking frame supports a drop-in piston that self-aligns to ensure quality compressions every time you assemble this device. The release levers within the frame make it easy to remove.

Long-Life, Hot-Swappable Battery:

The Defibtech ARM comes with our Advanced battery Technology. The hot swappable battery can be inserted in multiple orientations, and the AC power adapter recharges the battery even while in use!

The intuitive Battery Pack design carries a long life and run time, using less battery power to compress, while providing the same amount of strength every time. Each battery pack lasts around three years or 300 charge/discharge cycles. Defibtech offers a battery charging station, with the ability to fully charge a pack in two hours or two packs in three.

Customizable to fit your situation:

This unit is tailor-made to fulfill any and all protocols for various types of medical requirements and issues. The unit provides continuous CPR care or pauses for breaths, whichever the healthcare professional deems necessary. To assure the protocol is followed, the device also chirps and flashes an LED between compressions to allow for breaths.

Have questions about the Defibtech ARM? Reach out to us today to speak to our friendly and knowledgeable team at 866.468.9558 or We can’t wait to save lives together!