Repairs and Service

ReNew Biomedical Equipment service

Need a PM (Preventive Maintenance), service, or equipment repair?  Master Medical Equipment is proud to offer fast troubleshooting, repairs, and regular scheduled equipment maintenance through our official service partner, ReNew Biomedical. ReNew is a full-service medical repair depot with military-trained and factory-trained biomedical technicians. ReNew has all the relevant certifications and qualifications, including being ISO 13485:2016 Certified. This means their business operations and procedures have exceeded the International Organization for Standardization’s guidelines for growth, quality practices, and customer satisfaction. ReNew is the only official service partner we trust for all maintenance and repairs. We trust ReNew to get the job done right, every time.

ReNew’s offerings include:

  • Personal support for your staff, reducing your labor and training costs
  • Annual Preventive Maintenance (PM)
  • Teletech to get you immediately in touch with an experienced biomedical technician.
  • On-Site Service via our traveling depot that performs service across the country.
  • Access to our asset management portal, which can allow you to track multiple outposts, regulate hundreds of units, schedule maintenance, track work orders, and much more.
  • Free unit evaluation/estimate, and free return shipping after repairs.
  • Each unit is serviced by a certified biomedical technician. Each unit meets factory and FDA specifications.
  • Service includes documentation that satisfies regulatory reporting requirements
  • Access to their replacement part inventory

What does the ISO 13485 certification mean? ReNew achieved the International Organization for Standardization’s Medical Device Quality Management System certification, ISO 13485:2016, in 2021. MD QMS 13485 is a widely-recognized international standard, setting guidelines for the best practices to develop an efficient Quality Management system specifically for the safety and quality of medical device care. Created in 2016, the ISO 13485 standard was reviewed and upheld in 2020, ensuring the standard remains current. ReNew has been ISO 9001:2015 certified since 2017 but has now upgraded to the ISO 13485:2016 standard. While the 9001 verified our general quality management system, the 13485 standard sets rigorous guidelines explicitly meant for the medical device industry. ReNew Biomedical, as a medical device service and repair company, meets the latest medical quality management system standards while also focusing on customer satisfaction.

Need someone to come on-site to your location? No problem! We’re here to help with that. ReNew has a fleet of traveling biomes that visit you on-location to take care of equipment needs, annual preventative maintenance, and electrical safety tests. While performing these services, we will also notify and diagnose any equipment issues free of charge. ReNew currently performs service at almost a thousand locations in the United States, so no journey is too far.

ReNew Biomedical provides a convenient, cost-effective alternative to high priced OEM equipment repair and service. Their goal is to save you time and money, and ReNew’s certified biomed service guarantees your equipment will perform when it matters most. All of your equipment will be serviced by our factory-trained and AAMI-certified biomed technicians. Fill out a service request form here.