This page contains all of the resources that Master Medical Equipment has put together for our customers in a single location.

MME News

Our first resource is our blog, click here to access it. Our blog is filled with quality information and interesting experiences from the medical industry including; First Responder accessories, the dangerous side of equipment maintenance, and more.

MME Catalog

Our second resource is the MME Catalog, a digital flipbook that allows you to view units along with their parts and accessories, and easily link to exactly where to buy them. Additionally it includes important information about the units, their accessories, part numbers, and extended warranty information.

AED Buyer’s Guide

We are also excited to offer our AED Buyer’s Guide to our customers. It is filled with critical information regarding the purchase of an AED, and covers different important metrics for AEDs, what those metrics mean, and what you need to look for in your AED. Our buyer’s guide also includes a direct comparison of all of the most popular FDA Approved AEDs on the market today. Click on the image below to access the AED Buyer’s Guide.

Renew Biomedical

The third resource we offer is a link to our Biomed company, ReNew Biomedical. They are experts in original equipment manufacturers’ standards and procedures. They service equipment from Zoll, Physio-Control, GE, MasimoPhilips and many more.


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