Welcome to our Resources page! We understand finding the right equipment can be a challenging process, so we’ve created this page as a resource center for helpful tools and information. Our resources include a comprehensive medical equipment catalog, news and blog posts to keep you up-to-date on the latest industry trends and innovations, an AED buyer’s guide to help you navigate the purchasing process, a rental and financing link to assist with budget-friendly equipment acquisition, and a service and maintenance resource to ensure your equipment remains in top condition. We’re committed to providing you with the resources required to make informed decisions, save budget, and save more lives. 


We regularly add to our News and Blog, where our technicians, industry experts, and paramedics give personalized insight to our product offerings. Our blog is continually updated with news and article topics ranging from saving healthcare budgets, tips and tricks for equipment maintenance, specific unit overviews and unboxing, and everything in between.

MME Catalog

We also offer a Digital Equipment Catalog, a digital flipbook that lets you to view units along with their parts and accessories, with links to purchase. Additionally it includes important information about the units, their accessories, part numbers, and more.

AED Buyer’s Guide

We are excited to offer an AED Buyer’s Guide to our customers. It’s filled with detailed, critical information regarding the purchase of an AED, and important things to consider when buying. This guide relays features for AEDs, and what you need to look for when looking for an AED. Our Buyer’s Guide also includes a direct comparison of all of the most popular FDA Approved AEDs on the market today. Check it out!

ReNew Biomedical

Need Preventative Maintenance, service, or repair? We are proud to offer fast troubleshooting, repairs, and regular scheduled equipment maintenance through our official service partner, ReNew Biomedical. ReNew is a full-service medical repair depot with AAMI-Certified and factory-trained biomedical technicians. ReNew is ISO 13485:2016 Certified, meaning their procedures have exceeded the International Organization for Standardization’s guidelines for intentional improvement, quality management systems, and customer satisfaction by a company that handles and services medical equipment. ReNew is the only official service partner we trust for all service, maintenance, and repairs.


MME has partnered with JEM Financial to offer a wide variety of affordable equipment renting and financing options. This is a great solution to bolster your equipment fleet for short-term demands such as flu season or Covid influxes, or to try out equipment before you decide what to purchase. This means no out-of-pocket costs and no hidden fees! JEM has a fast and flexible process, with quick quotes and reliable solutions. JEM can rent or finance any unit that MME offers, reach out to them today at or learn more below!

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