• Clay Crockett
    CFO, Accounting Manager
  • Joe Wells
    Operations Manager
  • Trent Harris, CCEMT-P
    Sales Manager
  • Carrie Kastner
    Senior Contract Manager
  • Grant Cooper
    Sales Representative
  • Mitchell Nelson
    Senior Sales Consultant
  • Max Soliz, RT
    Senior Sales Representative
  • Ryan Tomlinson
    Purchasing Manager
  • Sidney McKelvey
    Accounting Supervisor
  • Josh Kasper
    Marketing Lead Designer
  • Lucas Pyron
    Account Representative
  • Brian Forbis
    Staff Accountant
  • Jacqueline “Jackie” Ruiz
    Account Representative
  • Sarah Quinn
    Account Representative
  • Baruth Rivera
    Account Representative
  • Ashley Ferrell
    Account Representative
  • Ricky Blankenship
    Account Representative
  • Christy Hobbs
    Account Representative
  • Phyllis Hall
    Accounting Assistant
  • Micah Pinkley
    Computer Support Specialist
  • Jacob Koelsch
    Warehouse Supervisor
  • Raidon Barnwell
    Purchasing Assistant
  • Heather Burnine
    Receiving Manager
  • Betty Weaver
    Inventory Control
  • Donna Bankston
    Quality Control Manager
  • Darius Wooten
  • Steven Callicoatt
    Order Fulfillment Specialist
  • Megan Walford
    Quality Control
  • Chase Gunn
    Warehouse Associate
  • Neil Davidson
    Biomedical Director, CBET
  • David Okeson
    Biomedical Director of Field Sales and Service
  • Mark Thompson
    Biomedical Supervisor, CBET
  • David Lindsay
    Field Service Manager, CBET
  • Dustin Dinkins
    Biomedical Manager
  • Richard Woods
    Field Service Tech & Trainer, CBET
  • Caleb Barber
    BMET I
  • Alec Hadley
    Assistant Field Service Manager, BMET II
  • Daegan Jones
    Field Service Technician, BMET II
  • Fernando Cruz
    Field Service Technician, BMET II
  • Jeff Murchison
    Senior Technician
  • Mary Kate Kelly
    Director of Sales & Service
  • Jamie Cagle
    Procurement and Inventory Specialist
  • Abbey Thomas
    Service Coordinator
  • Courtney Bishop
    Service Coordinator