Rental Options

Rental Options

MME is thrilled to share that we have recently acquired JEM Rentals & Financing! JEM has been our partner for many years, and we are thrilled to have them officially part of the MME family under the name MME Rentals. You can read more about this acquisition on our blog. MME Rentals offers an ever-expanding variety of affordable equipment rental options. This is a great solution to bolster your equipment fleet for short-term demands such as flu season or COVID-19 influxes or to try out equipment before you decide what to purchase. MME Rentals has a fast and flexible process, with quick quotes and reliable solutions.

Different Name, Same Mission

JEM Rentals & Financing was created in 2019 with a simple goal: to provide the community and healthcare professionals with a way to rent new and pre-owned medical equipment to bolster their fleet without taking on the financial burden of equipment purchasing. Many agencies and clinics require extra equipment for particular seasons of the year or prefer to rent new equipment for a trial run before deciding to purchase. The strain of the COVID-19 pandemic on the healthcare industry increased the urgency for fleets to temporarily add re-certified equipment for short periods of duress despite not needing the extra units year-round. JEM is committed to continuing to equip your organization with up-to-date equipment that works reliably and efficiently, now under the umbrella of MME as MME Rentals.

Why Choose MME Rentals?


Great monthly rates with no hidden fees.


Quick response and shipping times for in-stock units.


Credit options for trade-in units.