Somos una empresa dedicada a la distribución y venta de aportes hospitalarios y equipos médicos, tanto nuevos como reacondicionados. Ofrecemos los estándares más altos de atención al cliente y precios altamente competitivos para satisfacer todas las necesidades de nuestros clientes médicos, clínicas y a los hospitales en Latinoamérica. Ofrecemos a nuestros clientes suministros médicos de primera calidad a precios muy económicos.

  • Desfibriladores
  • Monitores de diagnóstico
  • Electrocardiógrafos
  • Ventiladores
  • Productos para ambulancias y hospitales

Con más de 20 años al servicio de nuestros clientes, somos un distribuidor líder tanto nacional como internacional de productos médicos a los profesionales de la salud.

Contamos con personal de mucha experiencia en transporte internacional al cual le ayudará a cumplir con sus necesidades.

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Can you believe FDIC 2024 is only one week away? Will you be there? Our team can`t wait to see you at Booth #2144 in the Indianapolis Convention Center. We`re passionate about sharing with Fire and EMS our medical equipment solutions like extended warranties, service, rentals, training, and budget saving equipment support!
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The National Association of EMS Physicians recommends continuing manual compressions for at least 20 mins! However, fatigue causes the quality of manual CPR to quickly degrade in under two minutes. Quality compressions are crucial to improving survival rates from sudden cardiac arrest.

To request a quote or demo, call 866.468.9558

Here’s the 8 key things you need to know about the next-generation ARM XR.

#1 – The Suction Cup – A key feature of the ARM XR is the suction cup design, which allows for active chest recoil.

#2 The XR’s frame assembles over the patient WHILE you`re performing CPR. This lets you go from manual to mechanical CPR without skipping a beat.

#3 The XR saves you time by deploying quickly, with easy, intuitive locking mechanisms.

#4 The rechargeable hot-swap battery allows for tactical battery replacement, and has a 33 percent longer battery life than competitive devices.

#5 Choose from either continuous compressions or pause for breath protocol

#6 The XR’s new, taller frame accommodates patients with a greater chest height.

#7 Automated Compression technology automatically adapts to deliver compressions appropriate for the patient’s size.

#8 A competitive price point allows your team to do more with less.

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We`re thrilled to announce that MME is now the premier distributor of the Sapphire Infusion Pump by Eitan Medical for the Pre-Acute EMS market. As of January 1, 2024, MME is the primary distributor of the Sapphire infusion pump, along with related sets and accessories, for the EMS market. We`re proud to bring the innovative Sapphire transport infusion pump to the forefront of pre-hospital care.

Read full press release at our blog online:
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This week is Patient Safety Awareness Week! We want to draw attention to the advancements made in the EMS field regarding patient safety. Our new and recertified equipment offerings contribute to the end goal of keeping patients safe and saving lives.

This spotlight: In-stock Refurbished Power Pro XT Stretchers! Request a quote by calling 866-468-9558

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Big news! We are thrilled to share that MME has acquired JEM Rentals & Financing. JEM has been our official rental partner for two years, and are now officially part of the MME family as MME Rentals. Read more about what our new rental options (available now) mean for you at the link in bio. ...

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The next generation in automated CPR technology is here! The ARM XR from Defibtech boasts a variety of new and improved features to help you optimize your rescue teams.
Learn more here:
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How important is it to own an AED? Immediate CPR and use of an AED can lead to 4x higher survival rates. For Heart Month, MME is proud to offer life-saving AEDs for offices, churches, events, schools, EMS, workplaces, and more. Learn more about keeping and maintaining AEDs here:

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Wishing you a Happy Valentines Day in the "heart" of National Heart Month! Your heart deserves more than just chocolates; it deserves a lifetime of care. MME is proud to deliver life-saving cardiac equipment like AEDs and defibrillators to individuals, organizations, and healthcare heroes. Spread love, spread awareness!
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