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What does the MME Promise mean to you?

We aim to be the world leader in distributing and servicing new and recertified medical equipment. Our intention to be the best supplier in the industry drives our quality product options, popular value-ads, and industry-leading customer service. Our ultimate goal is to establish long-lasting relationships, one life-saving customer at a time.

Founded in 2011, Master Medical Equipment has always focused on one mission: selling professional devices with added value & services for you. Our foundation is built on experience, based on loyalty, and grounded in trust. The MME team aims to eliminate equipment worries by being a one-stop shop for capital equipment sales, support, and service. Our military-trained and certified biomedical technicians restore and service equipment to like-new condition. Each unit meets our MME Five-Point Inspection Guarantee, passes all manufacturer guidelines, and satisfies FDA safety certifications before we ship to you.

We foster a culture where people buy from people. We are passionate about our jobs because we don’t just sell and service medical equipment; we deliver life-saving solutions to healthcare professionals. We pride ourselves as innovators in the industry and offer value ads such as rentals, industry news, extended warranty and on-site repairs, customized solutions, troubleshooting, training, and much more.

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Are you tired of old, unreliable infusion pumps? Learn why the Sapphire is replacing outdated infusion systems in the EMS industry. With its state-of-the-art technology, the Sapphire pump delivers precise and consistent medication to your patients. The durable, compact design makes it perfect for use in any medical setting.

Whether on the road or in the wings, trust the Sapphire Infusion Pump to provide unparalleled performance for your practice. Check out our NEW product highlight page and video overview with our Clinical and Training specialists: Link in Bio!

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Did you know that integrating the Lifeline ARM into their protocol helped Buncombe County EMS raise their out-of-hospital sudden cardiac arrest rates by eight percent in just one year? Check out these clinical studies to learn more about the impact of automated CPR such as the Lifeline ARM and how it can impact survival rates.

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March is AED Maintenance Month and the perfect time to ensure your life-saving equipment is in top condition! Send in your AEDs for annual service and join us in spreading the message of heart health and safety.
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Do you want to extend the life of your Capital Medical Equipment or save on Long-term cost of ownership? We offer Preventative Maintenance contracts, Repairs, and Service through our expert techs at ReNew Biomedical. Learn more about our depot or on-site service here or give them a call today! 866.257.3565

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Join us in celebrating Patient Safety Week, a time to encourage and advance the discussions of safety in healthcare. We`re committed to providing top-of-the-line equipment and training to improve the safety of your patients (and caregivers). Here`s a few equipment tips to encourage continued patient safety:

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Why use a Lifeline ARM? Fatigue degrade the quality of manual chest compressions in as little as two minutes, reducing survival odds. The ARM frees up a paramedic on a rescue, maintains quality chest compressions, and can even operate on AC power in your ambulance. Learn more online or request a quote here: 866.417.2546

Defibtech, LLC
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Our favorite moments from when Walbridge, United Rentals, Phillips & Jordan, Inc. and MME donated 12 life-saving AEDs to the Brownsville Police Department and Haywood County Sheriff’s Department. Walbridge previously donated 10 AEDs in 2022 before construction on the site began, and continues to invest in our local community.

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March is AED Maintenance Month, so it`s time for an AED check-up! While AEDs stay ready for emergencies in cabinets and vehicles, it`s their owners` responsibility to ensure the AED is maintained to save a life. Ensuring these devices are ready for rescue brings peace of mind to you and those around you.

Thankfully this check-up doesn`t require any tedious work. Modern AEDs have a viewfinder to display the results of their automatic self-tests. Just look for a checkmark, and also confirm the expiration dates on your pads or the batteries to ensure they haven`t expired.

If your AED requires annual maintenance, new pads, batteries, or any accessories, we are here to help! Call 866.417.2546 to speak with our support team, or shop accessories here: https://www.mmemed.com/accessories-by-unit/
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Why switch to the Lifeline ARM? Fatigue can degrade the quality of compressions in as little as two minutes, reducing survival odds. The ARM lets you maintain quality chest compressions without physical stress, and can even operate on AC power in your ambulance. Learn more online or call for a quote: 866-417-2546

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