MME Acquires JEM Rentals and Financing

JEM is Now MME Rentals

JEM and MME: New Rental Opportunities

Master Medical Equipment, a leading distributor of new and re-certified medical equipment, is pleased to announce our acquisition of JEM Rentals and Financing, a leading medical equipment rental provider! This strategic partnership strengthens MME’s market position and adds another way we can continue to offer comprehensive solutions to the capital medical equipment industry.

This merger combines MME’s extensive distribution network with JEM’s expertise in rental services. The newly formed entity will operate as an extension of MME under the name “MME Rentals,” a unified brand representing the best of both organizations.

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JEM and MME’s mutual commitment to customer satisfaction made this merger an easy sell. MME can now draw from JEM’s years of experience meeting the specific needs of the medical equipment rental market. JEM can tap into MME’s larger team of experts and their vast range of products and services to reach a wider audience and expand their offerings. The JEM team will continue prioritizing customer needs, offering personalized solutions and excellent service.

What This Means for MME Customers:

  • Enhanced Products and Services: the combined strengths of JEM and MME will offer MME customers a new array of rental solutions designed to leverage operating budget and maximize flexibility.
  • Expanded Support: tapping into JEM’s expert team means more hands on deck to support you, leading to faster response times and a more comprehensive range of expertise.
  • Innovation: Joining forces allows us to invest more in developing website tools to make renting medical equipment more accessible than ever!

What Remains the Same:

  • Rental Contacts: The JEM team is here to stay, just under a different name. For the short term, while Ashley Ferrell is on maternity leave, MME Rental’s primary contact is Savannah Webster at 731-240-1762.
  • Our Commitment: Our dedication to providing exceptional service and support remains unchanged. We are as committed as ever to helping you achieve your goals.

JEM looks forward to the new opportunities this merger brings, but seeks to prioritize their current customer base through this transition. JEM customers are welcome to send questions to your usual contacts or email them to or for further information.

As they embark on this exciting new chapter, JEM is grateful for their customer’s continued trust and support. Both companies are confident that this merger will bring many positive changes and look forward to sharing these benefits with you.

For more information, please contact:

Savannah Webster

MME Rentals

731-240-1762 |