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Whether it’s for an emergency situation, bedside monitoring or routine spot-check, the OxiMax™ N-85™ handheld capnograph/pulse oximeter delivers accurate SpO2 and end-tidal CO2 values. Waveform for EtCO2 is displayed on back lit LCD screen including SpO2 Pulse Rate!

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Nellcor OxiMax N-85 Handheld Capnograph Pulse Oximeter

Whether it’s for an emergency situation, bedside monitoring or routine spot-check, this Pulse Oximeter delivers accurate SpO2and end-tidal CO2 values. This portable monitor contains Nellcor’s™ latest OxiMax™ pulse oximetry and is compatible with OxiMax™ sensors. The N-85™ monitor also features patented Microstream® CO2 technology and breath sampling accessories from Oridion to ensure smooth operation, even in high humidity environments.

The Nellcor N-85 hand-held monitor is convenient for spot checks and continuous monitoring in a variety of settings, including EMS/ED, transport, critical care, operating room, sleep lab and for procedural sedation.


The OxiMax N-85 provides full-featured capnography with crisp waveform display and trend data.

• For mechanically ventilated and
nonintubated patients.
• Low sample flow rate of 50 mL/min
allows monitoring on the widest range of
patients, from neonates to adults.2
• Reliable CO2 monitoring

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