Sapphire Infusion Pump: Overview and Setup

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We talked with Trent Harris to discuss the advantages of the Sapphire Infusion Pump by Eitan Medical. This single-channel pump is an excellent device for clinical and emergency transport settings.

Covering what is in the box, the Sapphire comes with: the device itself, a mount, and a charging cable. An important thing to note is the red dot in the cable that will line up with a gray arrow at the bottom of the device; this locking mechanism gives you peace of mind that a simple pull cannot unplug your device. The button on the plug must be pushed down to release the cable from the device.

Moving to the mounting bracket, two tabs click into the device for secure placement and can release with the push of a button. The mount is spring-loaded and can rotate according to what orientation you want the device to mount on.

At Master Medical Equipment, we offer various tubing options for the Sapphire. On the primary tubing option, there is a grey arrow on the cassette pointing down when attached to the pump. This button is where you can prime the tubing before using the prime function of the pump should you want to. The tube clips into the side of the device, and a clear plastic door secures the tubing.

The pump interface has 3 LEDs for various purposes. The alarm light is, of course, for any alarms your device may have: whether leakage or some other issue. The second LED is for the charge. This light flashes if the unit is charging and will be steady when fully charged. And finally, the pump indicator at the bottom of the three will show green when the unit is in use.

At the bottom of the interface are two buttons: a “STOP” button and an “on/off” button. Aside from these two buttons, the unit is entirely touch-screen.

Turning on the Sapphire begins a prompt to ask which clinical care area the device is running in. This clinical care area is shown in the top left corner with another icon describing which modality the pump is in and, finally, a battery charge icon.

We offer multiple case options for the Sapphire pump for safety in transport, including a compact EMS Travel Case. This case is less bulky, carries all essential accessories, and even allows you to charge the unit while in the case.

The infusion process is simple and efficient. The drug library is easy and efficient to use—type in the first letter or the name of the drug of your choice. Then select the parameters you wish to infuse the medication and then the weight of the patient. After entering settings, Sapphire can adjust each parameter with a simple button push. Non-weight-based infusions are also possible with this single-channel pump. Maintenance infusions are easy to perform as well.

But what if you need more than just a maintenance infusion? MME is happy to recommend ReNew Biomedical for the job. With factory-trained biomedical technicians and a certified Eitan Medical Service Center, you can rest assured your device is in the right hands.

Have questions about what this device can do for you? Contact a customer sales specialist via Master Medical Equipment’s live chat features on the website, or call 866-704-5617 to ask or schedule a demo. Each specialist is well equipped to help find the perfect solution for you.

Jake Beals
Master Medical Equipment, Content Strategist