Automated Compression Devices: Here to Lend a Helping ARM

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Automated Compression Devices: Here to Lend a Helping Hand ARM

The Lifeline ARM, manufactured by Defibtech, has become an invaluable resource in the field of emergency response, delivering consistent automated chest compressions for those in need. Portable, quick to deploy, and efficient, the ARM lends a helping hand to EMS across the nation.

Combatting EMS Burnout

The ARM is designed to combat the physical limitations experienced by First responders. In attempting to maintain 100 to 120 compressions per minute, at two inches of depth, even seasoned paramedics can quickly fatigue.  Despite CPR sometimes needing to be conducted for over 30 minutes, fatigue can occur in as little as one to two minutes. As exhaustion sets in, the likelihood of quality CPR being given, and thus the chance of survival, declines significantly.

This exhaustion is further affected by the lack of extra hands to help in times of crisis. As of 2022, the American Ambulance Association reported that 39% of part-time EMT and 55% of part-time paramedic positions were not filled. With low wages, long hours, strenuous labor, and limited work-life balance, many workers are leaving the field. As a consequence of this high turnover, many in EMS are working more shifts, longer hours, and with smaller crews. These factors all lead to personnel burnout, fewer paramedics available on scene, and a greater likelihood of CPR fatigue negatively affecting patient outcomes.

The Lifeline ARM’s winning quality is its ability to help alleviate this exhaustion and lack of rescue resources with its intuitive design. As opposed to manual compressions, operating the ARM is simple. Adjust the compression piston height according to the patient’s chest size and select your breath/non-breath protocol. Automated mechanical compressions deliver quality CPR, free up a first responder on scene, and help save valuable energy and effort from your team.

Ease of Use

To save the responder from additional effort, the ARM also provides two options: “Run Continuous,” which performs only chest compressions or “Run with Breaths,” which inserts programmed pauses for rescue breaths. When using the latter, a chirp and flashing LED will notify the responder three compressions prior to the device pausing that rescue breaths must be delivered soon.

Defibtech-arm-lifeline-chest-compression-1Regardless of which protocol you select, a rescuer can toggle between options on the fly. The ARM’s innovative motor-control algorithm delivers accurate, consistent compression depth and rate by adjusting for fluctuations in chest resistance,  ensuring effective CPR delivery.

Aside from its quick compression provision, the ARM’s design also makes for speedy deployment. The device comes in a structured canvas case that includes foam inserts so that all components and accessories stay in place. The lightweight and durable frame easily aligns with the self-locking latches on the backboard and accommodates a variety of patient sizes. Once the frame is in place, the compression module can be slid in through the top, locking automatically as the snap clip interface pad connects to the compression cylinder so that it holds in place. While this process may sound complex to those who are new to this device, the modularization of the ARM essentially allows operators to assemble it as if it were a collection of lego pieces.

Tactical Battery

Defibtech-arm-lifeline-automated-compression-module2The ARM’s advanced battery is a specific asset that can be used in a variety of ways. Flexible in orientation, the battery can be inserted from either direction. This allows for quicker assembly, or tactical battery hot-swapping in extreme circumstances. Because of its battery pack eject release latches and ability to connect to External AC power adapter, the ARM has a multitude of power options and is always rescue ready.

Debiftech’s Lifeline ARM offers a portable, easy, and technologically advanced solution to rescue limitations, ensuring top-of-the-line assistance in the event of cardiac arrest. Master Medical Equipment prioritizes the needs of EMS and first responders, and works with you to provide top-of-the-line, reliable, cost-effective products like the ARM to deliver solutions to the most urgent needs of EMS.

-Published June 26, 2024
Maddie Cooper,
Master Medical Equipment

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