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Defibtech Lifeline ARM

Automatic Chest Compression Device

The Lifeline ARM Automated Chest Compression Device provides a mechanical solution to cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) compressions. Effective CPR requires a high level of of quality and repetition in order to have an impact on the survival rate of a cardiac arrest victim. This is very difficult to achieve manually when fatigue can occur in as little as 1-2 minutes while trying to maintain at least 2 inches/5 cm depth compressions at a minimum rate of 100 compressions per minute. The Lifeline ARM ACC device removes the variability of human error, while freeing up a paramedic on your rescue.
In an emergency situation, the Lifeline ARM provides extended CPR with minimal interruptions when fatigue, insufficient personnel, or patient transport could prohibit the delivery of consistent compressions to the victim. Its award-winning design provides portability, speedy deployment, and delivers precise CPR with unmatched operating times.
Simple to Use
The Lifeline ARM has a simple, user-friendly Control Panel with just two steps needed to initiate mechanical CPR. Toggling between the two protocols during the rescue is allowed, to accommodate your breath or non-breath resuscitation protocol. And, at any time, the Pause button may be used to pause or resume compressions.
Easy to Maintain and Service
A USB port on the Compression Module enhances the Lifeline ARM’s serviceability in the field and makes it adaptable to future resuscitation requirements. Maintenance functions, such as retrieval of event data and software upgrades, can be performed via a personal computer with the Defibtech ACC Support Software. A handy Service Indicator light on the Compression Module alerts users when its time for periodic servicing.
Easy to Transfer Data
The Lifeline ARM supports event capture and post-event review. A USB port on the Compression Module provides for data logging downloads of event information through a connection to a personal computer loaded with Defibtech ACC Support Software.
Long Life Rechargeable Battery
Advanced battery technology and flexible power options means the Lifeline ARM will always be ready for rescue. The rechargeable battery pack provides unmatched operational times and long service life even in a wide temperature range. The battery pack can be hot-swapped in action, or operate on external AC power if needed. An optional charging station can charge up to two battery packs: recharge one depleted battery pack in 2 hours, or two depleted battery packs in 3 hours.
Lightweight Rigid Frame
Lightweight and sturdy, the Frame’s single-piece design provides structural integrity during compressions by supporting the Compression Piston without deflection or distortion that could reduce consistent compression depth, a crucial element for effective CPR. For quicker deployment and repacking, the Frame effortlessly snaps into the Backboard and releases just as easily.
Portable and Visible
During an emergency rescue, the pace is fast and furious. The Lifeline ARM Chest Compression Device comes with a red canvas carrying case designed for backpack portability and visibility. The structured bag contains a custom solid foam insert for holding the ARM components, making the device portable, easy to deploy and use, and pack up quickly.
Ergonomic Design
The elegant design of the Lifeline ARM device affords portability, speedy deployment, and smooth, consistent operation. The Frame’s single-piece design provides an incredibly strong platform for effective mechanical CPR. The Compression Module houses the Control Panel, a removable and rechargeable battery pack, and the piston used to generate the chest compressions. the modular design of the Compression Piston has many benefits, particularly during deployment and repacking. It allows the Frame and Backboard to be attached to the patient and aligned before adding the Compression Module. It also makes regular serving easier and less intrusive.
Automated Chest Compression
The Lifeline ARM is comprised of a state-of-the-art Compression Module and a specially designed Frame. A custom piston and brushless DC motor results in smooth, reliable operation. To ensure CPR efficacy, a smart, software-driven, motor control algorithm ensures compression depth and rate consistency by compensating for variability in chest resistance.

Real-Time Protocol Selection
The Lifeline ARM is designed to accommodate local resuscitation protocols. In accordance with your response procedure, you may use the Control Panel to select chest compressions only (no breathing) or chest compressions with rescue breaths, according to the compressions-with-breaths protocol. When using the compressions-with-breaths protocol, a reminder chirp and flashing LED notify the rescuer during the three compressions prior to the device pausing for the operator to give rescue breaths. If needed, the user may toggle between the two protocols during the rescue.
The structural design and materials of the Frame + Backboard means an extremely durable and impact-resistant device, making it one tough unit. Built to exacting standards, the Lifeline ARM Chest Compression Device is manufactured to withstand small particulates and water spray, and meets military standards for shock and vibration testing.

The Defibtech Lifeline ARM comes with:
  • The Compression Module
  • The Lifeline ARM Frame
  • The Backboard
  • The Battery Pack
  • The Backpack Carry Case
  • The Patient Pads (3)
  • The Stabilization Straps
  • The Power Module
  • The Quick Start Guide
  • The User Manual

The Lifeline ARM comes with all necessary accessories for immediate patient use. A full list of individual accessory listings for this unit can be found by clicking the “View Accessories” button below. To place a safe and secure online order, click the “Add to Cart” button below. For our best price or buying in bulk, fill out the “Request for Quote” form below or call 866-417-2546 to talk to a friendly and knowledgeable sales representative.

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