Alaris – Medsystem III Smallbore Tubing Infusion Half Set, Case of 50 – 28117E


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The Medsystem III Smallbore Tubing Infusion Half Sets is used by healthcare professionals to connect the Medsystem III Infusion Pump directly to the patient. This Infusion device is latex-free, sterile, and is designed to ensure a patient’s safety and optimal efficiency in the proper administration and withdrawal of fluids.

This purchase includes a case of 50 infusion sets.

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This Infusion Half Set has an approximate length of 86”, which is an efficient length for infusion. It has a smallbore tubing segment with smaller internal diameter (approximately between 0.04” – 0.1”), minimizing the contained volume in the device. It is primed at a volume of 6mL before connecting to the patient, and contains a 9” Needle-Free Valve that allows injection and aspiration of fluids without the use of needles.


  • Connects Medsystem Infusion Pump to Patient
  • Has a Smallbore Tubing Segment
  • Has 1 Needle-Free Valve
  • Sterile & Latex-Free
  • 6mL Priming Volume
  • 86” Length

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