Can-Am Wireless – Temperature Screener with Stand


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The Can-Am Wireless temperature screener unit is one of the most technologically advanced ways to screen incoming students, employees, or customers.

The Can-Am Wireless temperature detection device has:

  • Accuracy within .4 of a degree
  • 4 foot detection range
  • 1/3 of a second detection time

These features make the Can-Am Wireless unit one of the best temperature detection devices on the market.

This purchase includes the temperature scanning unit along with a 40″ stand. 

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Frequently Asked Questions


  • AARTSS (Automated AI Rapid Temperature Screening System) is an IoT-based, forehead skin temperature scanning system from CAN-AM. The current models scan forehead skin temperatures at entrances to act as your virtual screening tool without the need for personnel to hold IR scanning devices and compromise social distancing rules. The data is then captured and can be integrated into any third-party IT system.


Why does AARTSS differ from other thermal imaging kiosk?

  • AARTSS is a system developed by an mobility IoT company CAN-AM Wireless , LLC. The following are the unique features of AARTSS when compared to other products.
    1. It measures temperature much faster compared to other machine vision solution. AARTSS is capable of measuring forehead skin temperature within 0.05s (50 milliseconds), which allows 2400 people to be screening within 1 hour on ideal condition.
    2. It supports much further distance between the device and the subject person. AARTSS can measure temperature as far as 4ft, which is much further compared to other kiosk based solution. This is important if the kiosk has to be ADA compliant (allowing people in wheelchair to be measured).
    3. It has high accuracy, at 0.2 Celsius (0.37 Fahrenheit), due to the algorithm that measures multi point of the forehead and smart algorithm to determine the most accurate forehead skin temperature.
    4. It can be integrated with automated doors or retractable gate via relay.
    5. Alarm can be sent to email, SMS, as well as label/badge printer. Email alert will contain the timestamp, subject person picture and name (if facial recognition is enabled). Printing can be customized to contain messages specific to the your organization needs (for both normal or high temperature)
    6. Alarms and other statistics are available over JSON REST API to integrate with any existing ERP systems.
    7. It can be integrated with USB based barcode reader to capture subject person badge ID, or QR code from smarphone questionnaire
    8. Future model will include a built-in integrated RFID proximity reader, to allow subject person identification with proximity card/badge.
    9. Fully customizable LCD screen on main page, normal temperature, high temperature, and no mask compliance.
    10. QR code display on LCD screen to facilitate electronic questionnaire for staff/visitor.


What does the AARTSS system include?

  • The system can be mounted to several stand options to allow deployment at  entryways so that infrared radiations from a human body can be measured for elevated temperatures. The sensor measures the surface temperature by detecting infrared radiation energy and wavelength distribution. The large 120*90 IR sensor output is displayed on the top left corner of the screen, and the optical sensor performs an artificial intelligence machine vision analysis to determine the location of the forehead. The information will then use by the IR sensor, and multiple measurement points on the forehead is used to average the temperature to get the most accurate measurement.
  • A Windows PC can be used to capture the MQTT IoT data payload that is generated on every face scan, that then can be used to print to a label/receipt paper, or send an email/SMS notification to the HR Manager to alert for any outliers.
  • The device can be integrated with door access controller, to lock or unlock the door depending on the temperature or mask compliance
  • The solution can be utilized as a timecard / attendance system, with the person name identified in the facial database.


What are the power requirements?

  • 110/220V, 60Hz, 24W AC power supply will power the CAN-AM AARTSS 12V DC power input requirement.


Can I integrate AARTSS to automated doors and gate systems?

  • Yes. AARTSS has 12V output signaling  module that offer a relay signal to integrate with automatic gate/door openings. AARTSS  sends an 12V ON/OFF relay signal based on a go/no go temperature to the gate/door controller.


Can I integrate AARTSS to HR System?

  • Yes. AARTSS has JSON REST API that can be used to retrieve data from the device and integrate with your HR system.


Can I print to badge/label/receipt printer?

  • Yes. AARTSS has MQTT IoT interface. When running our alerting App on windows PC, it can be configured to drive various printers that will print on every face scan. Custom printing is possible, please consult with our engineering team.


What are the typical applications?

  • A. AARTSS products are designed especially for doorways at building entrances. AARTSS assures employees and customers of an efficient screening process without violating social distancing standards. Custom configurations for other applications can be discussed with our technical design group.


Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 18 × 10 in