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What’s Included

All three PAL Strap Sizes: Standard, Large, and X-Large

Compact PAL Strap Carrying Case

Quick Reference Guide
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A Simple Solution for Patient Lifting

You work hard to make life easier for your patients. Now, let us do the same for you. The Patient Assist Lift Strap (patent pending) helps healthcare providers, first responders and home caregivers safely and easily lift a patient to a chair, cot, or standing position – with minimal strain on the patient and the caregiver.

Caregivers can quickly and easily assemble the PAL Strap around the legs and back of a sitting patient, and then lift without hurting the patient or risking injury for the caregiver. Straps and handles provide easy lift access points, greatly reducing the stress on a rescuers body and lowering their risk of injury.

The PAL Strap is available in three sizes, Standard, Large and X-Large to accommodate patients of various sizes. A kit comes with a carry case, all three sizes, and a quick-reference guide to get you started.