FR2+ Upgrade Recommendations

Did you know? Your Philips Heartstart FR2 AED is no longer PMA-Approved by the FDA. On February 3, 2022, the FDA mandated a full stoppage of production for accessories such as batteries, AED pads, and cases for the FR2 and other legacy AEDs. If you are looking for accessories such as pads and batteries for your Philips FR2 AED, they are likely no longer available for purchase anywhere. In order to stay compliant, we recommend upgrading to a new Philips FRx AED. The FRx offers you a seamless transition to an upgraded, modern unit that keeps you in FDA compliance. The FRx comes with an 8 year manufacturer warranty, and has similar features and interface to the FR2 you’re already familiar with. To receive trade-in credit, safely dispose of your FR2, or inquire about bulk orders, please contact or fill out the form below.
All the reliability of a HeartStart AED
Same focus on “rescue-readiness” and “easy as 1-2-3” use
Arrives rescue ready with adult SMART Pads II and battery installed; designed to help guide treatment of sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) with “easy as 1-2-3” set-up, real-time metronome and clear, step-by-step voice prompts paced to user actions
Same patented HeartStart SMART Analysis
Automatically assesses the victim’s heart rhythm to determine if a shock is advised; will only deliver therapy if the rhythm is determined to be shockable
Same built-in, automatic self-testing functionality
Conducts a series of automatic daily, weekly and monthly self-tests, including pad integrity; bright, blinking green “Ready” light indicates device is ready for use
Same TSO-certified battery approved for use in aircraft
Battery meets requirements for FAA TSO C-142 regulation for use on commercial aircraft
Plus the upgrades of a HeartStart FRx
The FRx is less expensive to maintain over time
Infant/child key can be used for life of the device and allows for use of adult pads on pediatric patients
The FRx is the most rugged HeartStart AED model (IP rating: 55)
Withstands rough handling, extreme temperatures, dusty or wet surfaces, up to 1,000 lbs. of crushing weight, and up to a 4-ft. drop, but weighs just 3.5 lbs.
The FRx is Equipped with HeartStart QuickShock technology
Allows device to typically deliver a full potency shock within 8 seconds after CPR (vs. 10 seconds for FR2+ devices)
The FRx can be converted to a training device
Converts to training mode by installing SMART Training Pads II
The FRx includes an 8-year product warranty
Device warranted for eight years from the date of shipment (disposable pads warranted until expiration data listed on package; battery warranted for four years)
The FRx’s Specifications
Battery type
9-volt DC, 4.2 Ah
Battery capacity
Minimum 200 shocks or 4 hours
Battery standby life
Typically 4 years**
Voice instructions
Adult and Infant/Child CPR guidance
Post-CPR shock < 8 secs
Pads required
SMART pads II (adult)
Infant/child key
Pads integrity test
Daily, weekly, monthly self-test
IP rating
Drop tolerance*
4 ft.
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