iNX Integrated Patient Transport and Loading System 0000INXINLINE – FERNO – Recertified



Everyday operations in EMS—like transferring patients or loading and unloading cots from an ambulance—put tremendous strain on the backs of EMS professionals.

The FERNO – iNX Integrated Patient Transport & Loading System is the only system designed to enhance the safety of both patients and EMS professionals by effectively eliminating lifting. Now EMS professionals can lift, lower, load, and unload with the push of a button, taking the strain off of their backs

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FERNO – iNX Integrated Patient Transport & Loading System


  • Dual, powered actuators maximize tip-stability and can lift patient loads up to 700 lb
  • Automatic high-speed extend & retract reduces load and unload time
  • Chair position facilitates transfer of seated patients and COPD patients
  • Innovative X-Frame design simplifies positioning with just the push of a button


  • Patient surface is level at all heights to enhance procedural care
  • Pneumatic-assisted backrest provides patient comfort
  • Adjustable arm rests enhance patient comfort, facilitate IV starts, and secure combative patients
  • Shock position raises patient’s feet for treatment of shock
  • Universal accessory rail enables accessories to be attached in any position


  • The FERNO – iNX Integrated Patient Transport System Telescoping load frame maximizes maneuverability in tight spaces
  • 360° locking swivel wheels allow movement in any direction at any bed height
  • Telescoping foot-end handles increase patient foot clearance


  • Simple one-touch operation helps you stay focused on patient care
  • Programmable load height adjusts to match your ambulance floor height
  • Integrated Charging System (ICS®) eliminates battery management
  • LCD display with battery charge indicator provides system status and operational cues
  • Continuous and flashing lights allow you to see and be seen in dark and hazardous conditions
  • In-fastener shut-off prevents accidental operation in the ambulance
  • Memory-free battery and manual back-up system keep the iNX ready for every call


The iNX has been designed to meet international test standards to increase safety for you and your patient.

  • BS EN-1789
  • AS/NZS-4535
  • IP56
  • SAE J3027
  • KKK-A-1822
  • IEC 60601-1
  • NFPA-1917
  • CAAS GVS v1.0
Dimensions 85 × 25 × 50 in

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  • iNX Integrated Patient Transport & Loading System, 0000INXINLINE - FERNO

    iNX Integrated Patient Transport and Loading System 0000INXINLINE – FERNO

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