Quickdraw Canister with Hose Barb 2488-20 – SSCOR

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The hose barb canister is designed to be connected to a patient connecting tube and suction catheter. Placed by the patient’s side the device is now used like a “traditional suction device.”

This product is included with SSCOR Quickdraw Suction Units. For more information on these Suction Units, click on one of the links below:

You could alternatively use the Quickdraw® Canister with Integral Catheter with your Quickdraw Suction Unit. Click here for more details.

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The SSCOR – Quickdraw® Canister with Hose Barb is compatible with the following Suction Units:



  • Lightweight, portable suction device
  • Fits in airway or first in bag
  • Powered by Alkaline Batteries that do not require a charger
  • Use off-the-shelf batteries to power the Quickdraw
  • UCLA Center For Pre-hospital Care Suction Study detailing the suction efficiency of the Quickdraw
  • Vacuum setting >500mmHg or approximately 80 – 100mmhg
  • Clearly labeled battery condition indicator
  • 1 year warranty
  • CE Marked
  • IPX4 rating for protection against ingress of fluids
  • Use as a handheld or traditional suction device with tubing, tips and catheter


  • Performance: Maximum negative pressure >500mmHg; Low negative pressure setting approximately 80 – 100mmHg
  • Battery: Alkaline Battery Pack 180 minutes run time at full capacity – Alkaline Battery Holder (10x’AAA’) 60-100 minutes run time with fresh ‘AAA’ alkaline batteries
  • Collection Canister: 300 cc/ml capacity: 99.98% bacterial effective filter

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