Right Side Safety Arm System for Stryker Stretchers – Technimount – New

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This purchase includes the clamp block for either the Stryker MX-Pro Stretcher or the Stryker Power Pro XT Stretcher and the Right Side Safety Arm. An additional purchase of a compatible Technimount Unit Mounting Plate is required for mounting your unit to the Stryker stretcher of your choice.

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The Safety Arm 500 Model mounting system for Stryker stretchers allows you to take your defibrillators with you safely from one place to another on the patient’s stretcher. You simply need to have the right Technimount Bracket Pro Serie that adapts to your defibrillator device.

The angled Safety Arm System allows more clearance while using multiple portable devices, it is specially used jointly with the Safety MD Transporter.

The Safety Arm 500 Model mounting system Highlights

  • Designed to comply with SAE J3043
  • Less than five-minute installation
  • Lightweight material, high-grade aluminum
  • Minimum space and weight on the stretcher
  • Anodized and electrochemical coating for better durability & scratch resistance
  • Easy access to defibrillator and stretcher from both sides
  • Easy access to O2
  • Enfolds the stretcher’s original frame – No modification is needed
  • Compatible with Standard or Power-Load System
  • Safe and resistant to impact
  • Low maintenance cost, and non-lube system
  • Right or left, straight or angled arms, are available for additional configuration options
  • Compatible with other the Bracket Pro SerieTM and Xtenstion ProTM mounts
  • Biological-fluids, sodium-solution and rust-resistant
  • One-year full warranty


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