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Laerdal – Bladder Assembly is a replacement for Laerdal simulation systems in order to create a more authentic medical scenario. Laerdal trusts their equipment to facilitate a lifelike situation where medical professionals are called to action.

For use with

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This Bladder Assembly is For Use With:

Laerdal – Bladder Assembly compatible with the SimMom and MamaBirthie

SimMom and MamaBirthie combined provides an impactful simulation toolkit, which can be used at different stages of the Circle of Learning to support a complete learning experience.

One of the most important objectives during labor and delivery is recognizing the potential risks to both the mother and baby. By building a well-trained team, confident in their abilities to manage adverse events whilst communicating with respect to the mother, you ensure better outcomes for both patients.

Skills training at hand when learning procedures by heart

MamaBirthie’s easy set-up is ideal for repeated practice. Allow your students to get hands-on experience with standard procedures from day one.

  • Practice vaginal and abdominal examinations
  • Use the cervical inserts for dilatation and effacement assessment, as well as identifying positioning
  • Palpate the baby’s position using anatomical landmarks
  • Effectively teach complex births such as vacuum-assisted delivery, breech and shoulder dystocia
  • Gain tactile feedback from BabyBirthie’s palpable fontanelles

Make errors now, to avoid them in the future

No one likes to make mistakes, yet it’s an important part of training. With this obstetric solution, teams can train for decision-making in emergency settings and the ability to work under pressure in a safe environment.

With immediate feedback from either simulator or role-play, instructors can pinpoint areas of improvement, teach precise behaviors for real-life emergency procedures, and instill confidence over time.


  • An advanced, full-body simulator available in both manual and automatic delivery modes
  • Covers all stages of labor – from antepartum to postpartum
  • Provides opportunities for enhanced in-situ training with cross-functional teams to work collaboratively
  • Train for the low-frequency, high-risk incidents
  • Prepare learners to recognize and respond to potential high-risk births and postpartum complications such as PPH
  • Controlled wirelessly with LLEAP, Laerdal’s simulation software


  • Simple simulator that can be worn on a standardized patient or mounted on a table
  • Ideal for practicing maneuvers and skills training independently or peer-to-peer
  • Train skills including abdominal and vaginal examinations, normal birth, vacuum-assisted delivery, shoulder dystocia and breech
  • Practice on communication and collaboration with the mother through role play
  • Use MamaBirthie as a skills trainer to best prepare learners for high fidelity simulations on SimMom

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