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100 disposable airways for Resusci Junior or Little Junior manikins.

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Junior Manikin Airways Pack of 100 – Disposable non-rebreathing airways with one-way valve are changed after each class for maximum instructor convenience and student safety. Airway fits Resusci Junior and Little Junior Manikins. Package of 100 airways.

For use with

Resusci Junior 

Realistic compression and ventilation

Conducting CPR on a child is a rare occurrence, so learning how it feels to perform CPR correctly is important to maximize the chance of survival during those critical moments of a child´s resuscitation. Laerdal consulted pediatric experts experienced in practical child CPR to ensure realistic resistance when compressing and appropriate chest rise when ventilating. Resusci Junior QCPR is fully Guideline compliant.

  • Practical and portable – the carrying case doubles as a training mat.
  • Wired or wireless operation – SimPad PLUS with SkillReporter can easily connect to the manikin with Bluetooth Low Energy or a wired connection. Apps connect wirelessly and SkillGuide plugs into the manikin.
  • Power options – up to 40 hours of running time with four AA batteries (batteries included) and the ability to plug into AC power (USB C to USB A cable and power adapter included).

Training to perfection

Resusci Junior QCPR is a professional grade resuscitation manikin designed for High-Performance CPR skills and team training. Designed to be feature flexible, Resusci Junior QCPR can be upgraded for advanced airway management training, enabling first responders and teams to train for a variety of scenarios.

In addition to realistic chest compressions and head movements, the manikin is equipped with advanced sensors. Connected to a feedback device, these sensors measure every compression and ventilation, helping you train for a new level of precision and proficiency.

Master Medical Equipment is happy to answer any questions that you have about these Junior Manikin Airways Pack of 100. Our friendly and knowledgeable customer service team is here to help! We carry a live chat feature on our website. Should you want to talk to a customer service rep 866-304-1956.


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    Resusci Junior QCPR Manikin, 181-00150 – Laerdal

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