Embra E-30 ECG Accessories

The following OEM and aftermarket products are compatible with the E-30 from Embra Medical. This machine is designed to provide effortless portability while still maintaining its superb quality. The E-30 ECG Machine weighs less than 1 kg but has a large storage capacity and a built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery. The E-30 12-Lead ECG Machine features a high-resolution color touch screen, comprehensive filters, and anti-noise technology, and enhanced technical specifications that provide consistent, reliable signals. The E-30 ECG has powerful external device support with two USB ports and one microSD card slot which support devices such as a linear/2D barcode scanner, external printer, USB memory drive or a microSD card. MME will continue to support the lifespan of your unit with quality accessories as well as premium preventive maintenance services through ReNew Biomedical. For more about servicing your devices, Contact ReNew Biomedical here . Please note that different configurations of units may make them incompatible with certain accessories. If you should have any questions, please contact your MME customer representative or get in contact with one here: 855-774-4670

Batteries and Chargers

  • Embra Medical – E-30 Rechargeable Lithium Battery

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  • Embra 12 lead cable

    Embra Medical – 12-Lead ECG Cables

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ECG Electrodes

  • Embra Medical – 80mm ECG Recording Paper

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Printing Accessories

  • Embra Medical – EKG Adult Resting Tab Electrodes

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  • Embra Medical – Pediatric Resting Tab Electrodes

    Embra Medical – Pediatric Resting Tab Electrodes

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