First Look at the New Defibtech ARM XR


Advanced Resuscitation for EMS

Did you know, the National Association of EMS Physicians recommends continuing resuscitation compressions for at least twenty minutes? Unfortunately, due to fatigue, the quality of manual CPR can quickly degrade after just two minutes. Quality compressions are crucial to improving survival rates from sudden cardiac arrest.

Mechanical Chest Compressors have become a standard part of the EMS toolkit for responding to Cardiac arrest. These devices can tirelessly perform guideline-compliant depth and rate chest compressions.

The brand-new ARM XR from Defibtech is designed for quick, streamlined deployment, so first responders can transition from manual to mechanical CPR without missing a beat. The improved frame snaps into place through the arms of someone performing manual CPR. Once assembled, the down button automatically lowers the piston to the patient’s chest. EMS then selects breath or non-breath protocol to begin compressions. The intuitive interface allows rescuers to quickly begin compressions without manually lowering the piston or fumbling with buttons and the suction cup.

Here’s the 8 key things you need to know about the next-generation ARM XR.
#1 – The Suction Cup – A key feature of the ARM XR is the suction cup design, which allows for active chest recoil.

#2 – Active CPR Assembly – The XR’s frame assembles over the patient while CPR is being performed. This lets first responders go from manual to mechanical CPR without skipping a beat.

#3 – Rapid Response – The XR is designed to save first responders time by deploying quickly, with easy, intuitive locking mechanisms.

#4 – Hot Swap Battery – The rechargeable hot-swap battery allows for tactical battery replacement, and boasts a 33 percent longer battery life than competitive devices.

#5 – Operational Control – Choose from either continuous compressions or pause for breath protocol. The pause button can override any further compressions.

#6 – Greater Patient Capability – The XR’s new, taller frame accommodates patients with a greater chest height.

#7 – Automated Compression Depth – Automated Compression technology automatically adapts to deliver compressions appropriate for the patient’s size.

#8 – Affordability – A competitive price point allows your team to do more with less.

The key components of the ARM XR are the battery pack, compression module, frame, suction cup, patient wrist straps, stabilization frame straps, patient stabilization main straps, and the backboard.

Another new feature of the ARM XR is the new suction cup piston design. The motor delivers precise, reliable compressions while the suction cup enables active chest recoil up to 0.6 inches. Also, the Automated Compression technology automatically adapts to deliver compressions appropriate for the patient’s size.

The XR also features a new, taller frame, allowing first responders to deliver life-saving chest compressions to patients with greater chest height. The XR also has a long battery life of sixty minutes, 33% longer than competitive devices, and the rechargeable hot-swap battery pack can be inserted in either orientation.

The ARM XR is an affordable option, saving your first responders time and allowing your team to do more with less.

Eliminate errors that can come along with manual compression, save time, and reduce stress and fatigue with the Defibtech ARM XR. Call MME today! 866.468.9558