GE Marquette Case Stress Exercise Testing System with Treadmill


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Meet the unique performance and productivity requirements of your facility with GE’s innovative exercise testing solutions. Clinically validated analysis programs and digital solutions help you make more informed decisions and improve patient care. The CASE system offers remote view and editing capabilities for increased department throughput and efficiency.

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Building on Marquette’s legacy of leadership in exercise testing, the next-generation GE Medical CASE® Resting ECG and Stress System delivers highly scaleable solutions to meet virtually any facility’s unique requirements from high-throughput multi-modality stress labs to small offices that run exercise tests only occasionally. By combining a range of truly unique ergonomic features with proven performance and advanced networking alternatives, the GE Case System offers the ultimate in accurate, efficient stress testing.The GE Case System is an advanced Exercise Testing System with flat panel TFT display, 15-lead acquisition, digital Compact Acquisition Module, Windows XP platform and clincial applicaitons kit.

Options include 19″ color display, Marquette 12SL ECG analysis program and full disclosure.  EMR connectivity, Word, .pdf, Excel adn SML data export options.  T-Wave Alternans software and networking options available. The Case System ‘value’ package includes the Stress system with non-interpretive ECG, arrhythmia detection, electrode impedance mesasurement and 17″ flat panel color display. The Case ‘performance’ package includes the Stress system with interpretive ECG analysis program, full disclosure, arrhythmia detection, electrode impedance measurement, screen display configurator, in-test tabular summary, in-test trend display, in-test previous test retrieval and 19″ flat panel color display.

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