Nellcor™ N-600x Bedside Pulse Oximetry Monitor


A compact, affordable monitor compatible with the complete family of innovative Nellcor™ SpO2 sensors with OxiMax™ technology.

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The Nellcor ™™ N-600x pulse Oximeter with OxiMax ™™ technology delivers exceptional performance throughout the hospital, so you can confidently monitor even your most critically ill patients. While some Oximeter may have trouble acquiring a pulse signal during low perfusion and signal interference, the Nellcor ™ N-600x Pulse Oximeter with OxiMax ™ technology achieves accurate, reliable readings during these difficult conditions. The Nellcor ™ N-600x pulse Oximeter includes our unique Sat Seconds alarm management technology to safely reduce nuisance alarms that can interfere with staff productivity.



Covidien patient monitoring systems are ideal for spot checks or continuous monitoring in numerous home use and healthcare settings. MME is a proud distributor of Covidien Pulse Oximeters, Thermometers,  Electrosurgical Generators, Spirometers, Ventilators, and a multitude of finger sensor technology.

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Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 12 in