The Go-To Infusion Pump for Transport EMS


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The Go-To Infusion Pump for Transport EMS

Hey there, Nathan Schrupp from Master Medical Equipment here. Today, let’s explore why the Sapphire Infusion Pump from Eitan Medical stands head and shoulders above other infusion pumps in the EMS field. The Sapphire infusion pump isn’t just another option; it’s a unique game-changer for air and ground EMS and home/clinical settings.

Unmatched Portability

The Sapphire IV Pump is one of only two infusion pumps rated for transport. For both ground and air EMS, the Sapphire should be your go-to. Why? It’s not just small and compact; the sapphire infusion system is a lightweight powerhouse of accuracy and precision. No need for a bulky infusion pump; the Sapphire is your sleek, portable, and economical option.

Precision and Ease of Use

The most important reason for using this pump over other options is its precision and unmatched ease of use. Your organization can build a customized drug library, using Eitan’s software, which can be customized to your aircraft, ambulance, or clinical setting. When I first started learning emergency medicine infusion pumps, we had to calculate each infusion by hand. A drug library with a simple interface takes all the guesswork out of those calculations, especially in very critical situations with high stress and multiple chaotic things happening.

Demo Time

Let me show you just how fast it is to set up an infusion on the Sapphire. In 38 seconds, we programmed a dopamine infusion from start to finish. That’s the Sapphire’s speed in action.

Challenging the Status Quo

As a clinician, it’s easy to claim your current system is easy because it’s familiar. But is it truly easy? We know it takes time to do the calculations, using formulas for adult, pediatric, or neonatal patients to find medication and dose rates. A huge stressor for clinicians is the accuracy of the math. Man, did I get that number right? Was my formula accurate? Should that decimal place been moved over? The Sapphire liberates you from the manual effort of calculation and removes the stress of second-guessing the accuracy of your math. Why would you want that burden when a device like this is designed to deliver industry-leading accuracy and precision?

Freedom in the Ambulance

Picture this: You’re in the back of an ambulance or high in the air, juggling multiple critical tasks for a patient’s safety. The Sapphire infusion pump frees up your hands and mind with pre-set guardrails, allowing you to concentrate on what you do best—caring for the patient.

Ready to experience the Sapphire Infusion pump’s difference for your EMS transport medical needs? Reach out to Master Medical Equipment. Our knowledgeable sales reps are here to provide a quote or set you up with a rental for a hands-on experience. Trust in the Sapphire—where precision meets portability, and where your peace of mind is the priority.