BD Alaris Medley PC Unit 8000 – Recertified

SKU: ALA8000
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The BD Alaris Medley PC Unit 8000 is the foundation of a modular platform that lets you customize infusion delivery by adding a large volume IV pumpsyringe pump, patient monitoring, or barcoding modules. This system is designed to provide everything you need to respond to IV medication data captured at the point of care.

This unit is the “brain” for a completely customizable Infusion Pump module. This unit has modules that attach, connect, and work in conjunction together to provide some of the best point of care service possible.

The Infusion IV Pump and the Syringe Pump are the modules that we also carry refurbished.

We also carry the newer model of this unit, the 8015.

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BD Alaris Medley PC Unit 8000

Exceptional versatility

• A common user interface simplifies IV administration by
standardizing Alaris Pump, Syringe and PCA modules on
one platform.
• Respiratory monitoring can be added with the Alaris EtCO2
module, allowing the clinician to automatically pause
PCA infusions if patients fall below target respiratory levels.
• The Alaris Auto-ID module offers a unique IV barcoding
solution that attaches directly onto the Alaris System.

Increased protection for IV safety

• Guardrails Suite MX software helps provide the right
protection for every infusion by double-checking dose
and duration, as well as delivery rate, protecting critical
infusions like chemotherapy.
• The wirelessly enabled software is available on
every device.