Vyaire – ReVel FIO2 Sensor Cable – 13897-001



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This ReVel FIO2 Sensor Cable Assembly Kit is for use with the ReVel ventilator from Vyaire. Call us for information on availability, or order online today!


Vyaire – ReVel FIO2 Sensor Cable designed for the ReVel

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This sensor cable is designed for the Vyaire Revel.The New Vyaire ReVel Ventilator Portable Critical Care Ventilator is one of the most trusted ventilators on the market offering high-performance ventilation for adults and pediatric patients (above 5kg.) The ReVel Ventilator features the patented ActivCore gas delivery system which helps ensure safe transport even for high-acuity patients. These ventilators offer continuous care even in the roughest of conditions so that you can keep your patients safe. Add the Airlife 003007 HEPA Filter to your ReVel Package to help with trapping airborne viruses such as ConoraVirus COVID-19 while ventilated, keeping you and your patients safe.

This ventilator is compatible with multiple size circuits. Be sure to check in the item description for compatibility with the Vyaire ReVel!

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