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This is a Sidestream CAPNO 5 LoFlo CO2 module for use with the E Series and R Series defibrillators from Zoll.

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This is a Sidestream CAPNO 5 LoFlo CO2 module for use with the E Series and R Series defibrillators from Zoll.

About the E/R Series

The ZOLL E Series is a rugged and ready defibrillator intended for use by EMS. This unit offers as many features as you could need. It boasts pulse oximetry (SPO2), non-invasive blood pressure (NIBP), and end-tidal CO2 (EtCO2) and also Real Time CPR® to assist in a sudden cardiac emergency.


The E series also has a Bluetooth connection which allows for a “paperless” approach to transferring information to the hospital before the EMS ever arrive with the patient.

MME is dedicated to customer satisfaction and any unit ordered includes all the cables necessary for immediate operation out of the box.

Used defibrillators officially re-certified by our partner company ReNew Biomedical.

The ZOLL R Series: This defibrillator is the newest hospital quality defibrillator offered by ZOLL and boasts an extensive list of features and available options.

The ZOLL® R Series® monitor/defibrillator is designed with easy-to-use technology to help rescuers provide high-quality CPR and optimal defibrillation and pacing treatments. The R Series features Real CPR Help®technology, real-time audio and visual feedback that supports all types of rescuers.

The basic R Series unit has 3-Lead ECG and pacing features but oxygen saturation(SPO2), non-invasive blood pressure(NIBP), and end-tidal CO2(EtCO2) features are all available.

ZOLL has also included CPR dashboard – a retail-time display of CPR metrics which allows the R Series to suggest a course of action with a patient.

See-Thru CPR – A special type of “smart” pads that minimize CPR interference and increase effectiveness.

Real CPR Help and See-Thru CPR technology allow the rescuer to see depth and rate of compression as well as monitor underlying ECG rhythm while performing CPR. See-Thru CPR reduces the duration of pauses during CPR so rescuers are able to see whether an organized underlying rhythm has developed without stopping compressions. Real CPR Help guides rescuers with text and audio feedback on CPR quality measures with numeric data based on real time depth and rate of compressions.

MME is dedicated to serving your needs so any unit ordered comes with the appropriate cables for the features requested. We’re the best at providing used and reconditioned medical equipment.

MME is happy to service your equipment with the help of ReNew Biomedical. ReNew Biomedical is a ISO 13485 Service center for service and repair of biomedical equipment. Give ReNew a call today at 866-955-3083  or email the team at


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    Capno 5 LoFlo CO2 Module, E/R Series, 8000-0367 – Zoll – Recertified

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