6 Myths About AEDs – W/ Jon Abernathy


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Jon Abernathy talks with us today to debunk six common myths about AEDs:

Myth #1- AEDs Are For Medical Professionals

This myth suggests that only trained medical professionals can use AEDs. However, the reality is that AEDs are designed for everyone, including bystanders without medical training. By following the device’s prompts, anyone can effectively use an AED to help save a life.

Myth #2- AEDs Are A Substitute For CPR

The second myth states that an AED can replace CPR. In truth, both CPR and AEDs play crucial roles in saving lives. However, CPR helps circulate oxygenated blood throughout the body , while an AED assists in restoring a normal heart rhythm. Some defibrillator pads carry a puck in the middle to aid someone giving CPR.

Myth #3- You Cannot Shock Someone Who’s Wet

The third myth claims you cannot administer shock using an AED on a wet person. Indeed, electricity and water don’t mix. However, if someone is in sudden cardiac arrest and has been removed from a pool or wet environment, you can safely use an AED after quickly drying their skin where rescuers will place the pads.

Myth #4- AEDs Can Shock Someone Who Doesn’t Need It

The fourth myth suggests that AEDs can shock and injure individuals who don’t require one. However, AEDs are intelligent devices that analyze the heart’s rhythm and only administer a shock when a shockable rhythm is detected. Therefore, you can trust the AED to guide you and determine whether a shock is necessary.

Myth #5- You Cannot Use An AED On A Child

The fifth myth states that AEDs cannot be used on children. However, most AEDs come equipped with specialized pediatric pads or a pediatric key specifically designed to deliver shocks appropriate for children. These pads ensure the safe usage of AEDs on children during emergencies.

Myth #6- AEDs Are Expensive

The last myth is that AEDs are expensive. While this can be true in some cases, at Master Medical Equipment, we offer new or recertified AED units suitable for every budget. By offering affordable options to rent, finance, or purchase, we work hard to make AEDs accessible to everyone.

Understanding the capability of AEDs is essential, but just as important is having an AED and keeping it rescue-ready. We offer comprehensive annual AED checkups through our certified biomedical partners, ReNew Biomedical, and other services such as preventative maintenance, repairs, and service contracts. By ensuring proper maintenance, you can secure peace of mind and longevity for your AED equipment.

If you have any questions about choosing the right AED or maintaining your current equipment, Master Medical Equipment is ready to assist you! Reach out to us today for more information and discover how we can deliver a cost-effective solution to equip you to save a life.