AHP 300 Accessories

The following OEM and aftermarket products are compatible with the AHP 300 from Allied. The Allied 300 Transport Ventilator (AHP300) is an electrically controlled, portable emergency ventilator, which is designed to provide emergency respiratory support by means of a face mask or tube inserted into a patient’s airway. The AHP300 is capable of supporting the patient’s respiratory efforts in a variety of modes. The modes are Volume assist control (Volume AC), Volume synchronized intermittent mandatory ventilation (Volume SIMV), Pressure control with assist control (Pressure AC), Pressure control with synchronized intermittent mandatory ventilation (Pressure SIMV), and continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP). The Allied ventilator can deliver breaths to the patient using internal compressors as well as external gas sources. MME is proud to continue to support your device for as long as we can, and help you transition to a PMA approved device in a budget-friendly manner! MME will continue to support the lifespan of your unit with quality accessories as well as premium preventive maintenance services through ReNew Biomedical. For more about servicing your devices, Contact ReNew Biomedical here . Please note that different configurations of units may make them incompatible with certain accessories. If you should have any questions, please contact your MME customer representative or get in contact with one here: 855-774-4670

Cabinets, Mounts, and Stands

  • AHP 300 Stationary Bed Rail Hook

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Ventilator Accessories

  • Allied AHP300 Adult Circuits – L599-600

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  • Photo Coming Soon

    Allied Size #5 Adult Mask – L595161-10

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  • Pediatric Circuits for Allied AHP300 Ventilator – L599-650

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