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Laerdal – ALS Pneumo-Right Manikin Pad for ALS manikin torsos. Right pad used on both MegaCode Kelly BASIC and ADVANCED versions.

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Laerdal – ALS Pneumo-Right Manikin Pad

For use with

Manikin Pad for MegaCode Kelly:

Educationally Effective, Flexible Clinical Skills Trainer

A full-body manikin designed for the practice of advanced, difficult and obstructed airway scenarios and IV therapy. MegaCode Kelly with SimPad PLUS allows cardiac defibrillation, pacing and ECG interpretation of an extensive library of rhythm variations.

Building Competencies

Educating and improving the competency of healthcare providers demands a wide range of the highest quality training tools that meet the most varied training requirements. This flexible manikin platform, complete with a scenario-based simulation curriculum provides a wide range of accessory modules to accommodate training, including CPR, ACLS, NBC, trauma, bleeding control and first aid.

Improving Patient Safety

The challenge to deliver continuous and consistent quality patient care requires proper training, accurate assessments, interventions, and clinical decision-making skills to ensure the best patient outcomes. By incorporating consistent simulation scenarios available on Laerdal Scenario Cloud, instructors can easily integrate simulation into their clinical training curriculums helping learners make and correct their clinical errors without adverse consequences. Laerdal’s portfolio of simulators and educational solutions, including MegaCode Kelly, helps educators implement more effective training programs. All while adding interchangeable parts (like the Laerdal – ALS Pneumo-Right Manikin Pad )to keep cost efficient.

MegaCode Kelly Features:

  • Airway/Intubation Trainer
    Obstructed Airway, Endotracheal,Nasotracheal intubation, Ventilation, Surgical and Needle cricothyrotomy, Suctioning techniques, Stomach auscultation
  • Cardiac Related Skills
    Cardiac rhythm variations, manual chest compressions, pacing, defibrillation and synchronized cardioversion
  • Circulatory Skills and IV Drug Administration
    Bilateral carodid pulse, Brachial and Radial pulses, blood pressure, IV Cannulartion, venipuncture, Subcutaneous and intramuscular injections, Tension Pneumothorax Decompression
  • Trauma Module Set
    Trauma Head, avulsed ear, avulsed eye, lacerations, impaled object and face contusions. Abdominal wound and clavicle fracture lay-on. Crushed foot with exposed bone and soft tissue amputation

Making Simulation Easier with the SimPad® PLUS System

Laerdal – ALS Pneumo-Right Manikin Pad  compatible with MegaCode Kelly operated via the SimPad PLUS System will improve your ability to deliver highly effective simulation based training and achieve your learning objectives.

SimPad PLUS System features:

  • Handheld, intuitive touchscreen remote for easy ‘pick up and play’ experience
  • Operate on-the-fly or utilize Scenarios and Themes for consistent simulation training
  • Optimal data capture for quality debriefing
  • Mobile – teach anywhere
  • Optional patient monitor provides clinical realism

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